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Have a safe and happy summer holiday everyone, we look forward to seeing you all Tuesday 3rd September.

Year 6

Dress rehearsals 2019

Key Stage Two- KS2 Year 6 SATs Test Dates 2019


The dates that the National KS2 SATs will take place in May 2019 are from Monday 13th May 2019 to Thursday 16th May 2019.


  • Monday May 13th 2019: SPaG Test- Grammar/Punctuation- 45 minutes
  • Monday May 13th 2019: SPaG Test- Spelling- 20 minutes
  • Tuesday May 14th 2019: Reading Test- 60 minutes
  • Wednesday May 15th 2019: Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic)- 30 minutes
  • Wednesday May 15th 2019: Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning)- 40 minutes
  • Thursday May 16th 2019: Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning)- 40 minutes


Helpful Advice

· All stationary required for the test is provided by school.

· If your child is ill on the day of the test, they must come in. Please let the office know what the situation is. Often children feel ill because of nerves but if they continue to seem unwell then they will be able to return home after the test.

· On the week of the tests, it is extremely important all children get some quality sleep.

· In the morning, children will also need to have a good breakfast to fuel them for the day.

· Keeping hydrated is essential. Please ensure your child comes prepared with a full bottle of water.

· We do not advise revising the day before tests; children need to feel as fresh as possible for their exam the next day.

· It is perfectly normal to feel nervous in school about the test - just reassure your child they can only do their best.