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Autumn 1- Week 7 (Week beginning 11.10.2021)


This week in English we are continuing to use Odysseus as our focus text but this week we are using it is an opportunity to revisit a few areas of grammar that have been identified as needing securing.

We will explore the use of conjunctions at the beginning of the week and in particular how subordinate conjunctions can be used to enhance our writing. 


We will then be moving on to revisit the use of apostrophes for both contractions and possession.

Here are some revision slides to support at home: 

Autumn 1- Week 7 (Week beginning 11.10.2021)


This week we are going to be completing some assessments which will allow our teachers to gain and understanding of the reading aspects that require further support. It is also a great opportunity for children to be exposed to the expectations of reading at a year 6 level. 


In addition to this, we will be reading and comprehending the welsh tale, The Story of Gelert. We will focus on the skills of vocabulary, retrieval and summarising. 


Why not explore the text at home prior to our Guided Reading sessions?

Autumn 1- Week 6 (Week beginning 04.10.2021)


This week in English we will continue to use the text of Odysseus as our inspiration. We will however be focusing on the use of emotions and selecting ambitious vocabulary choices to improve the quality of our writing.

 As writers we will produce a diary entry (as Odysseus) about our experiences in the Land of the Dead. 


To support your child's learning at home, why not discuss ambitious synonyms for these emotions, you could even create your own Word Aware hands (your children will know all about this). 

  • happy 
  • sad
  • worried
  • excited



This week in Guided Reading we will focus on a stand alone text. As much as we think it is beneficial to link our guided reading texts to our topic and English learning we also know that it is vital that children get used to reading about unfamiliar subjects as this prepares them for future assessments. 


We have noticed that we still have some children not reading to the minimum expectations of 3 times a week. This is such an important skill for our children to continue to develop so please ensure they are supported with this at home and mark this in their student planner (adult signature is required.) 

Autumn 1- Week 5 (Week beginning 27.09.2021)


This week in English, we are continuing to study the text of Odysseus. We will be shifting our focus to Chapter 2- The Cyclops. Children will be exploring this chapter and working towards the written outcome of a character description of Polyphemus. Throughout the week we will be considering how figurative language can be used to engage the reader. 

Here is a the SHAMPOO acronym that we will be exploring in greater detail:



Why not talk to your child about each of these features? 
Can they explain the terms to you?

Can they give you an example? 



This week we are using a text by Marcia Williams to explore the story of 'The Twelve Tasks of Heracles'. We will use this text to consider all of the reading VIPERS. 

Reading VIPERS help us to cover many different areas of reading. 

Why not use some of theses question stems to help take reading with your child to the next level. Perhaps you could jot down in their student planners the skills that you have focused on. 

Autumn 1, Week 4 (Week beginning 20.09.2021)


In English we are using the text Odysseus which links brilliantly to our topic of Ancient Greeks. Having read Chapter 1- The Stranger, we are considering the emotions between Odysseus and his wife, Penelope as he had to leave her for many years to battle in the Trojan war. 


As writers, we will be writing a letter as Odysseus to Penelope announcing that we are returning from the war and enquiring about life whilst Odysseus has been away. 


We will update with our written outcomes at the end of the week. 


Here is the good example that we have explored to set the expectation for our outcome.


This week we are using the non-fiction text 'Greek Gods and Heroes' by Sylvia Baussier to enhance our knowledge of those worshipped by Ancient Greeks. 


Through the text we have focused on the reading VIPERS of vocabulary, retrieval and inference. 

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