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Welcome to the

Paddington class page!

We won sports day!



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Making Puff Pastry

As pasty of our Roman topic, we made one of their most popular foods- Pastry! We made sure everything was SUPER clean and followed a recipe to mix our ingredients and create puff pastry. There are loads of things you can make at home using this and we can’t wait to see pictures of your final products so please make sure you send them to Miss Morrall!

Roman Day!

Click on the star to see what we got up to!

Science Experiment

Today we conducted a science experiment to find out what soil is made of. We mixed the soil with water in a bottle to break up the particles and watched them separate. The heavy particles fell to the bottom and the light ones floated to the top!

“Speech Marks” said Miss Morrall

Today we used pasta to help us with our speech marks when writing dialog. Have a look at how we got on:

30 second stop!

This week in Maths we are looking at time. Today we were looking at estimating time using timers. We times how long it takes us to do different activities such as making paper aeroplanes and creating a class Mexican wave to see which one took us the longest time. We then played 30 second stop where we all had a turn at counting to 30 to see how close we could get. Here are our results:

Team building

Today in PE we did some team building games to work on our team work and communication. We worked in groups to get across 5he hall on mats without touching the floor, we used a hoop in groups and tried to get it all the way around without unlocking our hands, we worked as a whole class to get ourselves in height order and also in pairs to direct each other back to the classroom. We had so much fun! Have a look at what we got up to:


We have been learning about fossils as part of our Science topic - Rocks and Soils. We have learnt about how fossils are formed and had a go today at making our own fossil replicas using clay and shells! Ask your child to explain to you how fossils are formed. Here is what we made:


These last couple of weeks we have been looking at Roman Mosaics as part of our Roman topic. We have been looking at what they tell us about Romans and how they made them. We have designed some of our own and even created some using the outline of a Roman Solider. Have a look!


This term in PE, we have been practising lots of different athletics events with Miss Morrall. So far we have done:

- Shot Put

- Relay Races

We will add more pictures to this slideshow as we practise more events!

Wheels and Axles

We have been looking at wheels and axles as part of our D&T topic this term. As our main topic is Romans, we decided to link these together by looking at Roman Roads and what vehicles the Romans used on the roads they built. We looked at the four main vehicles and then had a go at creating our own! Here is what we created:

Stone Age Day

Click on the star below to see all of our pictures from the day.

COVID Remembrance Day

Today we had our one minute silence to remember all those who lost their lives to COVID-19. We created colourful posters and then placed daffodils in remembrance. We made thankfulness daffodils and wrote down all the people we are thankful for during this strange and difficult time.


Today we made some of our own Cave Paintings!

Self-Esteem Rainbows

Today we spent some time complimenting each other and how we could build up each others self esteem. We moved around the classroom writing descriptive words for each other on coloured rainbow slips. We then read through the comments from other people and added these to our clouds to create a rainbow. Have a look below at how they turned out! We are going to keep these in our classroom for us to use whenever we need to.

The Elf came to visit for our last day of term!


We have had such a fun week back at school this week! We have had our Christmas jumper day and even seen Santa!!! We have also done lots of Christmas activities, including making reefs, cards, calendars, decorations and much more! 


In Science this term we are looking at forces and magnets. Today, we explored forces on different surfaces. We used a range of different materials on a wooden rail to see how fast the toy car would move down each one and recorded these on a table. We predicted that wood would be the material that the car would go down the fastest because it is smooth and hard. After completing all the materials, we confirmed that our prediction was right! The carpet was the material that the car moved the slowest on and we think this is because it was too thick and bumpy!

Light and shadows

In Science over the first half term, we have been looking and light. Today we discussed shadows, what they are and how they are formed. We made our own shadows by creating puppets and putting them in front of a light source. 

World Maths Day

For World Maths Day we had an estimation station! Each class had to estimate how many sweets are in the jar and explain how they worked it out. The class with the closest estimate gets to eat all the sweeties!!! 

Here are some of our estimates:

Save our oceans

Willow from our class has written a little book explaining about how using plastic can affect our oceans and what we can do to save them and our fish! Have a little read of her amazing story and think about what you could do to help!


In art we are looking at artwork from a famous artist called Oenone Hammersley. She is famous for her abstract paintings and specialises in rainforest and wildlife paintings. She uses methods such as printing to create her artwork.  Today, we went outside to gather some of our own resources to use within our art lessons. We will use these to create our own paintings using the printing method.

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