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We are very happy to welcome back all pupils on Monday 8th March. Please check our school newsletter for drop off & pick up time slots, Thank you...
Coronavirus Home Learning


The Elf came to visit for our last day of term!


We have had such a fun week back at school this week! We have had our Christmas jumper day and even seen Santa!!! We have also done lots of Christmas activities, including making reefs, cards, calendars, decorations and much more! 


In Science this term we are looking at forces and magnets. Today, we explored forces on different surfaces. We used a range of different materials on a wooden rail to see how fast the toy car would move down each one and recorded these on a table. We predicted that wood would be the material that the car would go down the fastest because it is smooth and hard. After completing all the materials, we confirmed that our prediction was right! The carpet was the material that the car moved the slowest on and we think this is because it was too thick and bumpy!

Light and shadows

In Science over the first half term, we have been looking and light. Today we discussed shadows, what they are and how they are formed. We made our own shadows by creating puppets and putting them in front of a light source. 

World Maths Day

For World Maths Day we had an estimation station! Each class had to estimate how many sweets are in the jar and explain how they worked it out. The class with the closest estimate gets to eat all the sweeties!!! 

Here are some of our estimates:

Save our oceans

Willow from our class has written a little book explaining about how using plastic can affect our oceans and what we can do to save them and our fish! Have a little read of her amazing story and think about what you could do to help!


In art we are looking at artwork from a famous artist called Oenone Hammersley. She is famous for her abstract paintings and specialises in rainforest and wildlife paintings. She uses methods such as printing to create her artwork.  Today, we went outside to gather some of our own resources to use within our art lessons. We will use these to create our own paintings using the printing method.