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Week Beginning 23rd May 2022


This week we will be exploring the Jewish practice of giving Tzedekah. 



Week Beginning 16th May 2022


This week we will be considering why and how the Torah  is considered a cherished source of wisdom and guidance for living. 


Week beginning 9th May 2022


This week in RE we will be looking at the question: What did Jesus do to save Human Beings? Pupils will write a modern day version of one of the parables. 


Week Beginning 2nd May 2022


This week in RE we will be looking at what the miracles of Jesus teach Christians today. We will focus on Jesus' first miracle of turning water into wine. 


Summer Term 

Week Beginning 25th April 2022


The theme for this half term in RE is What Defines Wisdom?

In our first lesson, we will be creating a timeline of the events we have studied so far in RE. These will include events such as the Holocaust, the story of Moses, as well as the event leading to the Crucifixion of Jesus. 


What themes do Passover and Easter have in common?



We will look at this picture and establish what we think it represents and what is happening.


When I arrived back in Jerusalem I was taken aback to be greeted by supporters laying down Palm Leaves in front of me. It was such as joyous day.  However, it didn’t last long, for when I travelled to the temple to collect a lamb to slaughter, to carry out the tradition of Passover and I was disrespected. Men were using the Temple, the home of my father, as a place to barter and sell all kinds of things. I couldn’t help but feel rage. Anger rose within me. The temple was not the place for a scene such as this. I turned over the tables, grabbed rope and swung it around lashing out at those around me, procrastinating. Screaming at everyone to leave.

That night at the Passover meal, known to most as The Last Supper, because it was my last I was betrayed by Judas and arrested for claiming to be God’s son. The next day I was crucified. Hanging from the cross I watched the crowds staring at me, shouting at me and waiting for me to die. My body gave in and my life was over. I had known this was coming and knew my body would rebuild itself in 3 days, so I wasn’t scared. I was taken to a cave and the opening was covered by a rock and guarded. Without anyone noticing I awoke and escaped the cave. This today is known as my Resurrection and is now celebrated by Christians as Easter Monday. Who would have known that I would encourage a new religion, separating out the people but at the same time bring them together with these two celebrations, interlinking them forever entwined.


   What does The Last Supper represent?

What happened before The Last Supper?

What happened after The Last Supper?

How is it linked to Easter?


We will then go on to write our own version thinking about these things.





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