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Covent Garden

Forres festival 


We have had so much fun at our Forres Festival today. 

Coronation Day!

Enrichment day (History on a page)


Today the children were transported back to the 1950s. They have looked at and examined pictures and artefacts from the era, made their own coronation day memorabilia and held a Coronation day party.  A child was crown as Queen Elizabeth II and the class performed dance shows from around the world.  We finished up with a banquet. A fantastic day was had by all. 

Key Stage 1 - Sports day winners! 
A big well done to Covent Garden. Winners for the second year in a row!  

The life cycle of a butterfly 


Covent Garden have enjoyed looking after and observing the life cycle of a butterfly.  The children had super questions about the changes. Such as:- “how long will it be in the chrysalis for?” A great opportunity for us to observe and find out for ourselves 🙂

Sports day fun

A very big well done to everyone, including Mums and Dads that took part 🙂. We had lots of fun 🙂

Speed stacking

The children showed great concentration as they stacked and Unstacked the cups. It is an official sport!

Jubilee Day at Forres 26/5/22


We enjoyed a day of jubilee activities to celebrate 70 years of the Queen being on the throne! We had a whole school lunch on the playground, played together on the field and finished off the day with our sweet cone sale.  Within 15 minutes we were out of stock! The Royal Sweet Stall was a success!

Business week 23/5/22 - 26/5/22

We worked together to discuss what makes a good business, what makes a good leader, importance of a business name, logo and slogan.  We chose a business name (The Royal Sweets) and designed logos (the winning design was chosen and used on the final sweet cone product).  We made posters to advertise!  We researched sweets and prices and carried out a survey around the school.  We sold our sweet cones at our Jubilee party with any profits going towards our summer Forres festival.


RE Day. We had an amazing day meeting people from different religious backgrounds! We heard stories, found out information, tasted traditional foods and joined in with different religious customs.

RE Day


We learned all about the;

Jewish faith and Passover.

Hinduism, traditional dance and Holi, the festival of colours.

Sikhism, the 5 Ks and the Vaisakhi festival.

Christianity, the Easter story, Ascension and the Pentecost.

Islam, the five pillars of Islam and the Ramadan festival.

Creating our own music (Body percussion)

Forest School - Mini beast hunt (Science- living things and their habitats).

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