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Our Big Question in History and Geography this term is: 

What can we learn about the Ancient Greeks through Greek pots? 


We will be using many small questions to guide our study and to allow us to answer this Big Question. 

Autumn 1- Week 7

How did the Ancient Greeks live? (Athenians and Spartans) Continued

Due to having lots of information to gather last week, we decided to split this small question over 2 weeks. We are now going to use the information that we have ad consider how this can be used to answer, would you rather be an Athenian or a Spartan? 


To prepare for this session, why not watch this humorous Horrible History video which will help you to gather more information. 


Click below:

Horrible History Video


Autumn 1- Week 6

How did the Ancient Greeks live? (Athenians and Spartans)

This week we are considering the similarities and differences between those that lived in Athens and those that lived in Sparta. 

We will use our newly acquired knowledge to debate who we would rather be. 


Here are some materials that can be used in addition to our in class learning.  

Autumn 1- Week 5

Who did the Ancient Greeks worship? 

In this session we will be considering the ways in worship was completed and who was worshipped. We will then produce informative fact files that display our learning. 


Here are the slides we will be using to support our learning: 

Autumn 1- Week 4

Who were the Ancient Greeks? 

This week we have developed our understanding of many key, historical terms such as: 

  • settlement
  • civilisation
  • trade
  • monarchy
  • dictatorship
  • democracy

Here are the slides we will be using to support our learning. 

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