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Coronavirus Home Learning


As Religiously Aware pupils will be studying Christianity and Islam.

We will answer the Big Question - Do christians need to worship in a church to be close to God?

During our lessons we will be answering small questions, which will help us answer the Big Question.


Lesson One: What is Christianity?

How long has Chritianity been around/when and where did it start/who started it


Lesson Two: Where do Christians worship and how do church buildings reflect the similarities and differences in Christian belief?

Look at church buildings and acts of worship.


Lesson Three: What does it mean to be a Christian? 

Personal stories


Lesson Four:

Do christians need to worship in a church to be close to God?

Write your review of this question. 


In our lessons about Islam we will be looking at these four enquiry questions:

Lesson 1 - Prayer, worship and reflection - 

What is Islam?


Lesson 2 - Prayer, worship and reflection - 

Can we compare Islam with Christianity?


Lesson 3 - Identity and belonging: 

What Does it mean to be a Muslim?


Lesson 4 - Ultimate question - 

Are there different accounts on how the world started?