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As Religiously Aware pupils will be studying Christianity and Islam.

This term we will be working to answer the question:

Does faith affect the way that we live?


Each lesson will be broken down into a smaller question that will support us in our final written outcome at the end of the unit. 


Lesson 1- What is faith? 

In this lesson we discussed the definition of faith and how this impacts on our day to day lives. We looked at who we have faith in and who may have faith in us. 

Lesson 2- How and why do many Muslims show compassion to others?

In this lesson we discussed how teachings from the Quran sculpt the way in which Muslims live their lives. 

"Help one and another in good and righteous works, and do not help another in syn and aggression'. 

We interpreted these quotes and considered how they might help to guide others. 

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