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Forres Primary School

Have a safe and happy summer holiday everyone, we look forward to seeing you all Tuesday 3rd September.


Due to the nature of technology and it’s constant evolution and implementation both inside and out of schools, e-safety is of the upmost importance to us here at Forres. We understand the importance of ensuring that our children are digitally literate and vigilant whether they are at school using laptops to create resources or at home using their tablets and do our very best to intertwine these values into every aspect of our Computing teaching, something that works particularly well in conjunction with the HfL Computing curriculum. Access to the internet (which is constantly changing and evolving) and  web-based resources are an understandable and constant concern at our school but something we strive to manage as closely as we possibly can.


The children are constantly aware of what sites they are visiting and the content within them and are comfortable and confident in reporting anything that may worry or concern them to a responsible adult. These occurrences are a rare but important part of the management of e-safety within the school and they give us opportunities to review our access and the impact this access has on the children and the curriculum. Our primary goal and focus is assisting the children to build the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills to enable them to remain both safe when using the internet in and beyond the context of the classroom.

Our e-safety policy (found within the Policies section of this site) and our Acceptable Use Agreement (for all staff, governors, visitors and pupils) are inclusive of all technologies provided by the school as well as technologies owned by pupils and staff but brought onto the school premises (such as mobile phones, smart devices/smart watches).


As a school, we also intend to raise the profile of e-safety in the lower key stages through a number of different strategies. One of these is strategies is a 'Digital Leaders' program. At the beginning of the 2017/2018 academic year, we will be appointing a pair of children within our new Year 6 to head a 'Digital Leaders' program within the school. These children will also help with chairing a 'Digital Council' including members from Years and Key Stages across the school working together to show the importance and vital nature of being e-safe in today's technology rich world. We will work on strategies, help develop skills and understanding and grow the knowledge of our children in the realm of e-safety both at school and at home/in the outside world.

For help and support in keeping children safe online, the CEOPS website contains a mass of information and guidance.