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Forres Primary School

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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team


Mr Gavin Douglas- Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Jones- Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Zoe Burnett- Lower School Leader

Miss Helen Wilcox- Middle School Leader

Miss Megan Sharman- Upper School Leader

Mrs Felicity Skinner - SENCo

Mrs Laura Port - Pastoral & Mental Health Lead



Our School is structured into three phases.


Lower School:



Mrs Zoe Burnett - Lead- London Bridge

Miss Danielle Bright- Hampstead

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Nicola Price, Mrs Sian Bourdice, Mrs Clair Dickens, Mrs Tanya Hughes,

Miss Wannell and Ms Dobson

Year 1  

Mrs Felicity Skinner- Piccadilly

Miss Lucy Speechley- Knightsbridge

Teaching Assistants: Miss Maria Pizzo and Mrs Lisa Varney



Middle School:


Year 2 teachers: 

Miss Iona Mannion- Green Park

Miss Jemma Armitage- Covent Garden

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Julie Gibson and Mrs Kay Beard


Year 3 teachers: 

Miss Helen Wilcox (Lead)- Woolwich

Miss Ashley Morrall- Paddington

Miss Daisy Loveday,  Miss Janine Minton and Mrs Payne


Year 4 teachers:

Miss Skye Gibbs- Marble Arch

Mrs Kim Edwards/ Mrs Wendy Wormald- Bond Street

Teaching Assistants- Mrs Emily Egan and Mrs Jasmit Sagoo


Upper School: 


Year 5 teachers:

Mr Hassan Zeidan- Waterloo

Mrs Maxine Thomas- Greenwich

Teaching Assistants: Mr Tom White and Mrs Chris Luxford


Year 6 teachers:

Miss Megan Sharman (Lead)- Canary Wharf

Mrs Amanda Egan- Westminster

Mr Chris Jones- Cover Teacher

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Ro Hollis, Mrs Mandy Moore, Mrs Sue Doddridge, Mrs Stella Taylor and

Mrs Steph Cramphorn


Autism Lead: Mrs Nic Price


Pastoral Interventions Lead: Mrs Elisa Tollervey


Speech and Language: Mrs Nikki Loveday


KS1 and KS2

Mr Eddie Mac- PPA Cover/PE

Mrs Julie Sutheran- PPA Cover


Wave 3 support team:

Miss Lizzie Kennet

Mrs Claire Hill

Miss Fay Dellar


Office Staff:

Mrs Jenny Bright, Mrs Selina Berry and Mrs Vikki Flaum


Kitchen Staff:

Mrs Claire Lane, Mrs Bridget Winfield, Mrs Sam Mardell and  Mrs Louise Chapman



Mr Robert Pottle