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Visions and Values

Our vision is to create a culture where every child can succeed whatever their starting point, building on their interests and developing these strengths. During their time at Forres, children will develop their skills as lifelong learners, achieve independence, build confidence, and gain academic knowledge. Our goal is to create learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom that are driven by our children’s curiosity to learn.

The Forres Five are a set of values that tie our school together. At the end of last year we asked the children what they value the most and they came up with these five values:


Compassion- The ability to empathise with and understand the feelings of others


Perseverance- To be able to use patience, endurance and resilience to carry out when things get tough


Creativity- The ability to use our imagination to innovate and discover new solutions


Teamwork- To be able to work in harmony, respecting the views of others and supporting each other towards a common goal


Confidence- Developing the spirit to believe in yourself and visualise success

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