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Twinkl Phonics - Level 1

Level 1 Phonics.

This is the first stage of the phonics teaching scheme.  During this stage the focus is mainly on the development of speaking and listening skills.  These skills will create the foundation to your child's further learning.

Aspect 1: Environmental sounds

  • Development of listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment.
  • Can identify differences between sounds.
  • Begin to discuss sounds in further detail.


Aspect 2: Instrumental Sounds

  • Develop awareness of the different sounds instruments make.
  • Can listen to the different sounds instruments make.
  • Develop a broader vocabulary and use to discuss instrumental sounds.

Aspect 3: Body percussion

  • Develop an understanding and awareness of sounds and rhythms.
  • Listen to and remember patterns in sounds.
  • Talk about and make different sounds with our bodies.


Aspect 4: Rhythm and Rhyme

  • Develop awareness and appreciation of rhythm and rhyme with speech.


Aspect 5: Alliteration

  • Can identify and hear sounds at the beginning of words and their differences.
  • Explore and practise articulation of different sounds.

Aspect 6: Voice sounds

  • Exploration and discussion of different vocal sounds that can be made.

Aspect 7: Oral blending and segmenting

  • Listen to different sounds in words and remember them in the order in which they occur.


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