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Forres Primary School

Just a reminder that Greenwich's class assembly is this Friday at 2:45pm!

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Management Team:

Mrs Sue Camp (Head Teacher)

Mrs Sarah Jones (Deputy Head Teacher)


Teaching Team:

Early Years Foundation Stage:
Mrs Zoe Burnett (SLT, EYFS Leader)

Miss Ashley Morrall


Key Stage 1 :

Mrs Felicity Skinner (SENCO)

Mrs Laura Port (Assistant SENCO, Mental Health) 

Mrs Helen Wilcox (Joint English Lead)

Mr George Scofield (DSP, Science & Community Leader)

Miss Megan Sharman (Key Stage 1 Phase Leader, British Values and Knowledge & Understanding Lead)


Lower Key Stage 2:

Miss Jemma Armitage

Mr Hassan Zeidan

Mrs Julie Sutheran (MFL Leader, HLTA)


Upper Key Stage 2:
Mrs Sarah Jones (Deputy Headteacher & Pupil Premium Leader)

Mrs Kim Edwards (Art and D&T Lead)

Mrs Maxine Thomas (Music Lead)

Mr Joel Evans

Mr Spencer Rignall (Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader & Maths Leader)


Mr Eddie Mac (Physical Education & Sports Premium Leader)

Mr Chris Russell (Autism Lead)

Mr Adam Hollis (Network Manager)


Teaching Assistant Team:

Wave 1 and 2: Mrs Sue Doddridge, Mrs Kay Beard, Mrs Chris Luxford, Mrs Tanya Kiernan, Mrs Joanne Dawes, Mrs Mary Warren, Mrs Julie Gibson, Mrs Steph Cramphorn, Miss Maria Pizzo,  Mrs Mandy Moore, Mrs Gina Hagland, Miss Nicola Cook


Wave 3:  Mrs Ro Hollis, Mrs Nikki Loveday, Mrs Elisa Longman, Mrs Lisa Varney, Mrs Stella Taylor, Mrs Anna Madden, Mrs Nicola Price, Miss Iona Manion, Mr Tom White, Miss Claire Crouchman.

EYFS:  Miss Danielle Bright, Miss Daisy Loveday, Mrs Melanie Morgan (Maternity Leave), Mrs Mary Warren, Miss Janine Minton, Mrs Clare Dickens, Miss Lizzie Kennett, Miss Fay Dellar


Office and Site Team:

Miss Selina Berry

Mrs Jenny Bright

Mrs Vikki Flaum
Mr Paul Cook (Site Manager)

Forres Primary - All I Want For Christmas Is You

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