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Year 5

Year 5 Online learning time table.

Thursday 21st January


LO: To maintain an appropriate balance between dialogue and narrative.


Read this extract from Chapter 11, from when Bree is back in the museum:


  'The footsteps were indistinct at first. I tried my best to imagine they were something else, something expanding or contracting in the old building. They stopped and I was relieved, but they started again and there really was no mistaking them. In the room next door, someone was walking up and down, pacing a few steps then turning, pacing then turning. I could only see the door as a dark rectangle set in the dark wall, and at any moment I expected someone to appear.


  I had felt fear before in my life, but not like this. I’d thought there couldn’t be anything scarier than being on board the Byd as it launched, when I was sure I was about to die. But the fear I felt alone in that room was very different. On Mars everything is known, everything is expected. This was entirely new, this primitive icy fear of the unknown. A real physical chill suffused my body and I couldn’t get up or shout out. I couldn’t do anything except stay kneeling where I was, following the sound of the footsteps as they paced this way and that on the other side of the wall. They sounded impatient, cross even, especially when they turned. Then as suddenly as they’d begun, the footsteps ceased.'


  • What do you think the footsteps are?
  • Do you think they could be the blurry-edged shadow people?


Next read this extract from chapter 12, when Bree, again, has returned to the Museum with Halley and starts to hear the foot-steps again.


'I loved the scientific names of the extinct corals, but would they be off-putting to readers who weren’t familiar with them? I was so wrapped up in this problem one afternoon, I only half-registered that the footsteps had begun. I was still wrestling with it when:
  Startled, I looked up. The door in the corner seemed different although I couldn’t think why. I peered into the gloom.
  The ancient door was closing, very slowly. Then:
  The door flew open, slamming against the wall. It closed slowly again.
  I was on my feet now. The door was heavy and it must be taking some force to throw it open so violently. This wasn’t the wind blowing through the building. Someone was doing this on purpose.
  ‘Halley!’ I shouted. There was no way he could hear me if he was upstairs.
  Was someone trying to scare me? I covered my mouth, my hands cold and clammy.
  Quick heavy footsteps walked over from the corner of the room. I could hear them on the marble tiled floor. I held up my tilelight with one trembling hand, but no shaking or confusion could explain what it showed: that no one was there.
  The footsteps stopped just short of me and then, horribly, I could feel the definite presence of someone or something breathing into my face. I could hear and feel sharp, angry breaths.
  I bolted for the exit but that door slammed in my face. I grasped the ancient handle with slippery hands and pushed and pulled as hard as I could, forgetting which way it should open. It would not budge. Behind me, the footsteps were approaching stealthily.'


  • What do you think will happen if Bree is caught?
  • What would you say or do in her position?




You are going to write a dialogue between Bree and the invisible figure using the criteria for speech – and laying out the text correctly. Don’t forget to include some narrative: what would Bree do while she was talking to this invisible stalker?






“What do you want with me?” I screamed at the top of my voice, turning around and around in circles, spinning on the spot, trying to reach every corner of the room.

Nothing, there was no reply. However I could I sense the anger and hate coming from this …. Being. “What have I done to make you so angry?”

I could hear the footsteps walking around me. Slowly. Heavily.

“GO…… GO.”  The voice was full of despair not anger. “GO!” Then I felt what I can only describe as a force pushing me backwards, pushing me to the floor, sending me skidding across the floor.

I laid there not knowing what to do, but I didn’t feel as scared. It’s like they wanted me to go because I was in danger. Who were they protecting me from?

I slowly got back up again. “Why? Why do I need to go?”

Guided Reading

LO: To infer information about characters.


This sessions uses yesterday’s chapter again, “I am the space daddy.”

Use the chapter to infer information about the characters:




  • How does Liam feel that Florida is going into space and not him?
  • Why is Dr Drax concerned that Liam doesn’t know Florida’s birthday?
  • Why won’t Max’s dad let Liam copy his form?
  • How does Liam convince Drax that a dad needs to go into space?
  • Why is Florida convinced that Liam won’t win the competion


LO: To multiply mixed number fractions by whole numbers.




















Consider the different methods for multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers.

Is one particular method always most efficient? Explain your thinking.


LO: To use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. 


Use the link below to watch a short video about how the earth moves in the sky and how it causes night and day.

Earth’s rotation and Revolution: Crash course kids 8.1 (if the link does not work, try searching the title of the video on youtube).


Use what you learned from the video to draw your own diagram to represent how day and night are created by the earth’s rotation. Your diagram should include the Earth and the Sun.

Write a short summary to go along with it. Make sure to use these key words:

  • Axis
  • Rotation
  • Sun
  • Star
  • Day
  • Night


It could look something like this: