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Year 5

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This week we are rehearsing multiplication and division as well as some place value word problems.

To multiply 2-digit numbers To divide 2-digit numbers To work backwards to solve a problem. To find a starting point for a word problem. To solve a problem using reasoning and logic.
English We will be beginning a new book by Morris Gleitzman called Once about a polish boy living in Poland during the Holocaust. Read Chapter and look at the table (Click below) There is text from the story on the left. on the write the mood this creates in the story.

In the story Felix is a Jewish boy living in a nunnery to hide from the Nazis. They come to the mountains, where he lives, and begin burning books. The Nuns are distraught. Felix watched from the window. Should Felix go outside and help? What would happen if he did? What would happen if he didn't? 

Write some sentences about what could happen using a range of subordinating conjunctions. (if, when, as, although, whilst, so that, unless, until, because, as long as, provided that). 

Felix should not go outside because the men outside are Nazis.

This could also be reversed to

Because the men outside are Nazis, Felix should not go outside. Note that now the sentence has been reversed a comma is needed.

Using the text (The document is below) add more detail to the text using expanded noun phrases. Using the sentences taken from the story (The document below) Add fronted adverbials. Using the table and facts from he story, begin to write up a description of the town where Felix used to live.


Research Stalin and how he was linked to Hitler, thinking about what Hitler did and how Stalin reacted.


Research Pearl Harbour, and what happened. Create a time line of the events from the start of the attack.


Write as a soldier who was there at Pearl Harbour. Write what you see/hear/smell and feel.



Look at the following websites about living as  a Jew in the Ghettos.
Create a mindmap of facts from the information you have read.


Go back to the websites looked at yesterday.

From the document below and chose a picture and write as the person in the image about what you can see/smell/hear and how you feel living thee.