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Coronavirus Home Learning

Year 4


1.03.21 - 5.03.21


Your home learning powerpoint will be updated on this page every evening with the tasks for the following day.


Please join Year 4 on Zoom at

10.30-11.15am for your English lesson


1.15-2.00pm for your Maths lesson.


The lessons will include input and expectations as well as 20 minutes of independent work time where the teachers will be available for questions.


Children will be registered and are expected to complete their work in their purple home learning books.

We look forward to seeing the work when we are back at school.

There is a suggested timetable below to follow, but you may need to change it to fit in with your household. Please keep the English and Maths times as set though to fit in with the Year 4 zoom meetings:

Home learning powerpoint

Year 4 PE

Year 4

Net Games - Returning 'Throw, Clap, Catch' - Using a small ball, tennis ball or rolled up socks, can you throw the object in the air and catch it. Attempt to throw the object above your head. Can you clap your hands together while the object is in the air before you catch it? How many claps can you do while the object is in the air and still manage to complete a catch? 'React' - Stand facing a wall or a partner with a small ball or tennis ball. Throw the ball against the wall and as it rebounds behind you, how quickly can you react by turning and chasing the ball? If working with a partner they can throw the ball over your shoulder for you to react and chase after it. Can you get to the ball before it stops rolling? 'Tennis Backhand' - The backhand is a stroke that is used in tennis but is generally not as powerful as the forehand. Can you practice the backhand with a 'mock hit' (swing the racket, frying pan or a book without hitting a ball) using the backhand stroke technique. After a number of mock hits, use a wall or a partner to bounce the ball towards you and attempt to backhand stroke it back in the same direction.