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Year 4

Friday maths


Home learning Autumn 1 Week 4



We are looking at the book 'Arthur and the golden rope'





Think about your most treasured possession. Why have you chosen this item?

Write down the conjunction of the verb 'to be' in past, future and present for the following: I, you, he, she, we, it, they.

e.g. I am, I was and I will be.

Think about your treasured possession, write two things you can do with it and write two clauses and join them together.

e.g. I collect pokemon cards and I like to swap with my friends.


L.O: To link ideas using coordinating conjunctions ‘and, but, or’.

Today you will be drawing and labelling a map of an imaginary place with forests, mountains and a river.  This map will help future adventure seekers through this region.


The labels will be two clause sentences using coordinating conjunctions ‘but’  ‘and’  ‘or’

e.g. You can take the footpath up the hill or hack through the brambles.




L.O: To make writing more vivid using descriptive language.

Compare Arthurs thoughts at the beginning of the story to now. How have they changed?

How does he feel about the townspeople?




L.O: To describe actions clearly through careful verb choice.

Sort these words into a venn diagram with the headings. 'moving fast' and 'moving slowly'.

clamber         inch forward          lumber

run           tear across         hang back

crawl             hobble      race       slide

stride       climb      drag your feet      sprint surge        scramble      shuffle      dash march      fly      creep     wander    stumble

Using the language in your Venn Diagram and your map as inspiration, write sentences to draw a picture in the reader’s mind of how somebody might be moving through a particular part of that place.


e.g. She crept to the end of the cave and shuffled forward to see better.




LO: to estimate with a purpose.

Pour some rice or pasta in a cup. Estimate how many grains are in the cup. Why do you think this?

Sarah has £100. She wants to buy a handbag for £39 and a pair of football boots for £44. How could she quickly check that she has enough money?

Think about rounding your numbers to the nearest ten to make your sum easier. Work this out in your head, you do not need to show your workings out as we are estimating. 


Could we round the numbers to the nearest 10/100 to make it easier?

Complete one of the sheets attached.



LO:to regroup numbers using number bonds to 10, 100, 1000.

Write down all the number bonds to 10 and 100. 



Can we create 100 and some more?

What numbers can we use to make 100?

How many would be left over?

Today we are going to be making ten and some more using our number bonds to 10,100 and 1000. 

Complete one of the following sheets.


LO: To use equal sums as a mental strategy.

My sums are 9+7 and 10+6.

What is the same/different?

Write down some more sums that you can rebalance for 9+7. We need to ensure that they have the same answer.

Complete one of the following sheets. You have to rebalance the sums to ensure that the answer is still the same as the sum given.


Complete the test base questions. Do not worry if you find some tricky, just figure as many out as you can and remember to show your working out.



Can a liquid be turned into a gas? Can a gas be turned into a liquid?

Watch the following video and write a definition for condensation and evaporation.

Complete the quiz and the bottom of the webpage.



L.O: To place key events on a timeline.

What is a timeline? What do you need to consider when making one? Create a timeline of your life.



Warm up: choose a just dance from youtube to follow.

Main activity: choose a room in your home or your garden, find a start and end point and create a trail and how you are going to reach the end. 
Consider the vocabulary you would use to get somebody to follow your trail. Add in challenges such as hopping, jumping, crawling etc.

Practice your gymnastics rolls: egg roll, pencil roll, teddy bear roll and forward roll.

Create a sequence using the rolls.




Today we are going to begin to learn colours in French. Watch the video attached, repeat the colours and test yourself to see if you can remember each colour.



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