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Please access home learning via the Coronavirus home learning link below...
Coronavirus Home Learning

Year 3


18.01.21 - 22.01.21

Your home learning will be updated on this page every evening with the tasks for the following day.


Please join Miss Morrall on Zoom at

9:45 - 10.30 for your Maths lesson


12.30 - 1.15 for your English lesson


We will be registering children at the beginning of each virtual lesson just like we would in school and we would like you to continue completing your work in the purple books you have been provided. We look forward to seeing your work when we are back at school again!



Guided Reading


Read the Extract and answer the questions 





Your maths lesson will be on Zoom today at 9.45am.

Please do not complete these tasks beforehand.


LO: To learn multiplication facts through visualising arrays (developing recall)


How many cubes have I got altogether? How do you know?



Use this speaking frame to explain how you know.


I know there are … altogether.

I can see … rows and … columns.

There are … groups of …

… x =





There are the same number of aliens one each spaceship.

How manty aliens are there altogether on all 7 spaceships?






There are 37 beads on the necklace.

What colour will the 9th bead be?

What colour will the 13th bead be?

How about the 21st bead?

How about the last bead?




Your English lesson will be on Zoom today at 12:30pm.

Please do not complete these tasks beforehand.


Our learning this week will be all based around this video:


LO: to use high level vocabulary


Today you are going to design your own creature that you will write your own non- chronological report about.


Draw your creature and label it with expanded noun phrases.

Remember that when we write expanded noun phrases the adjectives come before the noun



Now write a description of your creature using expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases. Include information about the creature's appearance and personality.





Other Curriculum Areas





Find a light object which you can toss and catch to yourself:

a small ball, bean bag, teddy or even the smelly socks you’re wearing!!


Like a video game, see if you can unlock each level and achieve level 10! Perform each task 5 times before moving on to the next leve1.


Level 1:     Toss up and catch

Level 2:    Toss up, CLAP and catch

Level 3:    Toss up, CLAP, CLAP and catch

Level 4:    Toss up, SHOULDER TOUCH and catch

Level 5:    Toss up, KNEE TOUCH and catch

Level 6:    Toss up, SHOULDER TOUCH, KNEE TOUCH, and catch

Level 7:    Toss up, FLOOR TOUCH and catch

Level 8:    Toss up, SPIN AROUND and catch

Level 9:    Toss up, CLAP INFRONT, CLAP BEHIND and catch

Level 10:   Toss up, CLAP 5 TIMES and catch


Completed it? Create your own levels and challenge yourself or someone else!



Word activity


Useful Websites 


www.ttrockstars.comchildren can work on times tables that have been set by their teacher. have access to thousands of digital books. Children can complete a quiz on the books they read and leave a book review. 

www.mathletics.comEach week children will be set new maths activities to complete on Mathletics. can complete arithmetic challenges and see if they can beat their top score!