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Coronavirus Home Learning

Year 2

Week Commencing Overview of Week Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 5
Maths  Ordering values 

Order these numbers from smallest to biggest. 32, 29, 34, 45, 19 Complete speaking frame:___ is greater than ___ because... 

(Think tens and ones)

Repeat for different numbers. 


Challenge: Use only these digit cards. 3,3,5,8  


Make all the possible numbers less than 50.


Complete destination question 2 (Provided below)

Challenge: I am thinking of a number. It is between sixty five and seventy five. Both digits are even. The ones digit is greater than the tens digit. What's the number? 


Recap the signs below: < > =

What do they mean?

Choose two 2-digit numbers and place the correct sign in the middle. Can you also write the sentence in words. E.G. 24 is greater than 12. 

Repeat for further numbers.

Now complete Destination question 1. 

Recap yesterday's learning. Place the correct sign in between these numbers.


twenty seven, thirty two 


nineteen, ten, 


Now complete the coin activity provided below.  

Recap the vocabulary: length, mass, capacity. Use videos provided on: to support.


Collect objects around the house to measure and order. For example, different lengths of string, different jars/tins to weigh, different containers to measure capacity.


Measure the items and then put them in order from least to most. 


To be able to use conjunctions, coordinating and subordinate, and expanded noun phrases to write an alternative ending to a story.


Books the three little pigs:


The true story of the three little pigs:


Read both books the three little pigs and the true story of the three little pigs. 


Compare similarities and differences of the story. You can write these in two columns in your books.

Pick one page from the book the true story of the three little pigs. Can you improve this page by adding more detail?


Try picking a verb or a character and describe it with more detail.


For example:

The pig was scared.


The curly tailed pig was shaking in fear. 

Re-read the the true story of the three little pigs. Focus on the ending of the story. How could we carry on the story? What could happen to the wolf? What could happen to the Pig who is guarding him?


Can you plan what will happen next? Plan using the worksheet providing below titled planning sheet.



Can you write your plan up into a story? Don't forget to use expanded noun phrases (description) and conjunctions (and, because, but, if, so, when).

Can you edit your writing from yesterday? Don't forget to check for:

  1. Full stops
  2. Capital letters
  3. Conjunctions
  4. Expanded noun phrases.

Art: self portraits.

PE: Throwing games.

Science: Everyday materials.


Explore what a portrait is using the interent.


Using the resources you have can you draw the outline of a self portrait? (Don't colour it in as this will be done during the week.)


Draw and label 6 ways that you are physically active during the day.


Can you write a sentence explaining why sleep and rest are important for our bodies?


Using the resources you have colour in your self portrait. Think about details like freckles, glasses, ear piercings.

PE: Can you create a throwing game to play by yourself?

Science: To make a pigs house out of materials you can find around the house or outside. Can you now describe the house using our scientific words?