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Year 1


Whilst our bubbles are currently closed the website will be updated daily.

The work will be on the website until 16:30 each day and changed for the next day during the evening. 

Thursday 21st January 

Guided Reading

Look at the image attached below, read the sentences and then answer the question


It was night. Tim snuck out for a walk. A black gate was open. Tim stopped…..

 Will he go inside? Who will he meet? How will he get out?

Write the next part of the story - answer the questions above. Can you include some amazing adjectives?


L.O to describe and classify 2d shapes

Properties of 2D shapes.  2D shapes have sides and corners.

Find some 2D and 3D shapes around the home.  Compare them.  What do you notice?

Complete the sheet attached below, colouring 2D shapes in red and 3D shapes in blue.




LO: to write descriptive sentences and use conjunctions

Look at the image of the farm attached or find one in a book. Write a setting description for the farm. Remember to use your senses. 
I can see white and black sheep. 
I can smell the manure and it is disgusting.


Word Aware
What does the word halt mean? Ask your adult to help you if you do not know and then see if you can use it in a sentence
Practice using your cursive writing for the four seasons


Other Curriculum Areas 

L.O:  Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials.

What words can we use to describe materials? Think about hard, soft, rigid, flexible.
Discuss the terms transparent and opaque. 
Have a go at the activity attached below. There are three different levels. Pick the one you are most comfortable with.

How quickly can you read the sounds on your sound mat?
Today’s focus sound – i_e as in like
How many words can you write with the i_e sound in? 
Add the sound buttons to the words attached below and see how many you can read