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Coronavirus Home Learning

Year 1


Whilst our bubbles are currently closed the website will be updated daily.

The work will be on the website until 16:30 each day and changed for the next day during the evening. 

Friday 5th March

Lockdown end!

Guided Reading

Read the Traditional Tale - The Three Billy Goats Gruff (in pack) and answer the questions. There are three levels to choose from - 1 star = easy 2 star = more challenging 3 star = extra challenge.





L.O - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Warm up – 
·    Counting in 2s can you do star jumps starting from 2 – 20.
·    Can you count in 5s and clap your hands each time you say a number?
·    Can you touch your toes and count in 10s each time?
Challenge Friday.  Can you use your counting skills that you have practised this week (counting in 2s, 5s, 10s) and solve these problems?

2 pence (2p)                5 pence (5p)          10 pence (10p)


Maths Fluency


Big Write - to rewrite an ending
Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert - man on the moon


How did the ending to the video make you feel? Would you change it in anyway? How would you end it? Would Lily and the man on the moon meet? What would they do?

Write your own ending for the advert!


Practise using your cursive writing  - copy these words 


Other Curriculum areas


Have a look at the video and recap your basic gymnastic shapes. Have fun making sequences using the different shapes. Can you include some rolls too?


L.O To understand that an algorithm is a set of precise instructions or rules to carry out a specific task or solve a problem. 

Explain that we need clear instructions to carry out a task. 

Today we would like you to create algorithms for one everyday task, (for example getting ready for school in the morning, cleaning teeth, lining up for assembly, solving a problem in maths etc.) 

Can you create a poster explaining the step by step process of your chosen task? Here is an example:

Getting dressed
First step into your knickers and pull them up
Then put your socks on.
Next pull a top over your head.
Finally step into some trousers or a skirt and pull them up over your legs.
Then step into your shoes and do them up.


How quickly can you read the sounds on your sound mat?
Today’s focus sound – ey/ea - long vowel e
Watch this as a reminder


Can you add labels to each picture attached and then write the sentences?