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Coronavirus Home Learning

Useful Information

In Forres School we are constantly working towards promoting pupils' spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development. Our Home/School Agreement (signed by pupils, parents and the school), clearly sets out expectations which aims to ensure that pupils get the most from our school and are enthusiastic about learning and their continued personal development. We hope that you as parents know how to support or assist your child's learning and how to access further support if needed. We will always contact you if there are any issues with attendance, punctuality, work or the behaviour of your child.  Please inform us of anything you feel may be affecting your child's learning and/or well-being.  Mrs Port has taken on the role of Pastoral Leader and is available to discuss any concerns you may have.

Head Lice Support/Care

Head lice are frequently a problem in schools and we encourage/it is recommended that you check your children once a week, please find below an upload of a leaflet from who offer very helpful advice and support in dealing with this pesky problem!