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Perhaps if you have finished everything below you cold make one of these if you have some bits and bobs, papermache, cotton wool to build the habitat of a polar bear in an old shoe box?


At the moment in Topic we are learning about Space and the World, Judaism (Tzedekah) and The Planets Composer.

Project to work on: 

We have been looking at Hurricanes, Tornadoes and other forms of extreme weather and natural disasters, some of which occur due to pollution and Global Warming.

  • If the children could research what Tzedekah is and the work that various charities do around the world to help people affected by these events.
  • The children should also research different Christian Aids around the world and how they also help people in need.
  • If the children could save any spare money from their pockets and other family members too, and place it in a Tzedekah box, which they have made, any money raised as a class can be donated to a charity of their choice.


Activities to complete: 

  • Research the link between The Last Supper and Passover and write as a Egyptian watching people paint blood on their doors, not knowing why, explaining what they see and how they feel.
  • Listen to the music 'The Planets' by Gustav Holst. The children will think whether they enjoy listening to it and why.
  • Research what inspired him, and what he based the music on.
  • Continue to learn about Space and the planets, which planet would be the best to move to if we had to leave Earth? Why? Can you write a report comparing the planet you choose and Earth, the similarities and differences. Explaining why it is the most appropriate for us based on everything you have learnt about them (temp, distance from Earth/Sun etc)
  • Art - can you collect any old plastic that has been thrown away (water bottles, packaging etc) and create a sculpture representing pollution (animals affected etc)


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