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Every week we will issue our Forres families a challenge, please go to highlight of the week to find out more...
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 Week 2:

At the moment in Topic we Would be looking at traditional Egyptian foods and baking some of their food

Project to work on: 

Research and make Egyptian flatbreads known as Saboob






Activities to complete: 

make your  own flatbreads and write an evaluation.

Please email In your photos at or


Science: We have been looking at electricity this term. Could you research conductors and insulators and write a fact file or design a poster about what you have learnt about which materials make the best conductors and insulators.


Design Technology: Anyone who is a fan of Lego, might want to use this link and challenge themselves to build something each day! Let us know if you do!


Other fun activities you may want to try and we'd love to see some photos if possible!




Useful Websites Conductors and insulators