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Coronavirus Home Learning


At the moment in Topic we are learning about Romans and in Science we are learning about Magnets. 


Project to work on:

Rocking Romans! The Board game.

Create a board game based on the Romans. Draw inspiration from any other board game you know. You could design it like Monopoly and compete to buy Roman buildings like Bath houses, the arena, aqueducts, the senate building, etc... OR it can be a trivia game where you earn points by answering questions based on Ancient Roman history.

Build your game and then take some pictures while you and your family play it.


Activities to complete: 

What have you learned this term about Forces and Magnets?

Create a poster or a report to show what you have learned about Forces and Magnets. Remember to use pictures and diagrams as well to help demonstrate what you have learned.




Useful Websites: BBC Bitesize,, BrainPOP,