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Coronavirus Home Learning



This week we are focusing on the transition from year 2 to year 3. We will focus on the year that we have had and what we are looking forward to next year.

Activity 1- Highlights of the year

Today we would like you to reflect on your time in year 2.


In your own way, come up with a way to present your highlights of the year.


This could be:

*A videoed interview of your favourite memories.

*A poster showing the best parts.

*A diary recount to recap the special events.




Activity 2- What to expect in year 2.

Today we would like you to use your knowledge and wisdom of year 2 and share this with next years classes.

Although we did not get a whole year in year 2, write a letter to the new classes of children to help them to know what to expect.


*how is year 2 different to year 1.

*what was the best part of year 2.

*what topics did you learn about.

*how did you learn in year 2.



Activity 3- All about me

Lets look ahead to next year.

Your new teacher will have lots of new names, faces and facts to know.


Why not help them by giving them some key facts that they should remember about you.

It may include:

*who you live with

*what you like/dislike

*favourite subjects, etc.


Of course, you can present this in any way that you want. 


Activity 4- Goals for year 3.

Year 3 will see many changes for you.


Set yourself 3 targets for next year and jot these down.


Give your targets the following headings:


For example: My goal is to learn my 8 times tables.



For example: My goal is to go to at least 1 club each term



For example: My goal is to persevere with my learning and seek support when needed.