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Reminder.. Yr 1, 2 & 3 can collect their belongings this Thursday 9th July between 3.30pm - 4pm in designated playgrounds. Thank you
Coronavirus Home Learning


This term, our topic would have been Paddington! 






At the moment in Topic we are learning about The Moon!


Project to work on: 

Use the internet to research some new facts about the moon and moon landings. Can you create a fact file about the moon and moon landings? This could be a book type with a front cover and facts inside with pictures or in a poster format.


Activities to complete: 

Create a repeating pattern with shapes using different printing tools such as paint, pens or chalk.

Can you make a moon model or a rocket using recycling materials from around your house.

Go for a walk and identify human and physical features outside.


Useful Websites: 

BBC Bitesize.

National Geographic.

BBC Newsround.