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Forres Primary School

Have a safe and happy summer holiday everyone, we look forward to seeing you all Tuesday 3rd September.


History and Geography

· History– We are learning about Oliver Twist and the changes in eating habits that have occurred throughout history in Britain.

· Geography– We will study where food comes from that we eat everyday, in order to develop our location knowledge.


Art, D&T and Music

· Music– Periods of history; Oliver Twist (The musical).

· D&T– Children will have the opportunity to investigate and cook seasonal foods. And learn where their food comes from.

· Art– Children will paint with different types of paint as well as working under the influence of artists such as Turner.


R.E. and British Values

· R.E.– Christianity and Sikhism identity and belonging

· British Values– We will be thinking about preparing to play our roles as an active citizen and developing a healthy and safer life style.

Jungle Book Panto