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Forres Primary School

The first of our stay and learn sessions begins this week, on Wednesday 16th October.


· History– We are learning about the Aztec civilisation and the aspects of their culture, all the way from entertainment to sacrifice.

· Geography– We are learning about the way rivers form and shape our landscape.

· French– We will be learning how to say different words that relate to school and school life.

· Music– We will be learning to talk about music in different periods of history that I have studied.

· D&T– We will be making a project based on our geography topic of study.

· Art– We will be using perspective to create depth in pencil sketches.

· R.E.– This term our focus is on Islam and Christianity., thinking about the values both religions hold.

· British Values– We will think carefully about how we can respect those who are different to us.

· Computing - We will be learning about programming through a topic on robotics