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Forres Primary School

Have a safe and happy summer holiday everyone, we look forward to seeing you all Tuesday 3rd September.


Terracotta Army clay models


For our topic this term we have been looking at modern day China and the Shang Dynasty.

Our Topic for the Autumn term was about the Maya civilisation. The children really enjoyed drawing Gods they created themselves... 

· History– We are learning about the Aztec civilisation and the aspects of their culture, all the way from entertainment to sacrifice.

· Geography– We are learning about the way rivers form and shape our landscape.

· French– We will be learning how to say different words that relate to school and school life.

· Music– We will be learning to talk about music in different periods of history that I have studied.

· D&T– We will be making a project based on our geography topic of study.

· Art– We will be using perspective to create depth in pencil sketches.

· R.E.– This term our focus is on Islam and Christianity., thinking about the values both religions hold.

· British Values– We will think carefully about how we can respect those who are different to us.

· We will be learning about programming through a topic on robotics