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Guided Reading




LO: to apply known strategies.




Look at the picture - take your time. 


Write down anything that you notice about these creatures. 


Write down any words that you would use to describe it. 


Write down your initial reactions. 

Start a Tell me grid..


Now design your own character and label the features that you give it.

Here the denominator (the bottom part of the fraction) is 4. This therefore tells me I need to find a quarter of 16. To do this I need to share 16 into 4 equal groups.

Have a go at these calculations:

For each of the pictures label them with expanded noun phrases to describe either the wing as a whole or small details. Such as:

  • Intricate detailing
  • Round edges

How many can you come up with for each image?

Can you use these expanded noun phrases to write sentences?

Other curriculum areas



Please use the R.E. on the main page. 




LO: to explore spelling patterns

Practise spelling these words that are commonly misspelt.

  • because
  • Children
  • every
  • very

WB 25.01.2021


Guided Reading

LO: to understand text (retrieval)


All About Winter


Winter is a season of the year.

• •It is cold in the winter.

• Winter comes before spring.

• A lot of animals go to sleep in the winter.

• Some birds fly away to warmer places.

• Some people catch nasty colds in the winter.

• Christmas is in the winter time.


Question Time


  1. What is it like in the winter?
  2. When do we have winter?
  3. What do some animals do in the winter?
  4. Why do birds fly away?
  5. What might happen to some people in the winter?

LO: to identify the position/value of numbers.

Today we are going to prepare ourselves to learn about rounding. To begin with we will think about the position of a number and its position in relation to multiples of 10.

  • Can you list all of the multiples of 10 up to 200?
  • What do we know about these numbers?

63 is between the multiples of 10, 60 and 70.

63 is 7 away from 70.

63 is 3 away from 60.

The multiple of 10 closest to 63 is 60.

Now we are going to use this speaking frame to understand the position of the following numbers.

___ is between the multiples of 10, ___ and ___.

___ is ___away from ___.

___ is ___ away from ___

The multiple of 10 closest to ___ is ___









Have a go at completing the speaking frame for the following numbers. A 100 square has been included to help you visualize this. Alternatively you may wish to follow this link to access an online beadstring.



L.O. To understand components of a sentence. 


To help us to understand Active and Passive Voice - we have to be secure identifying the subject object verb in a sentence.


Here is a reminder about:


    subject     object    verb 


Recap on subject, verb, object:   

Link each word to its correct definition:


subject                                 person or thing that the action is done to


object                                                      an action, or a state of being


verb                                             person or thing that does the action








Miss Sharman














Pick a subject, object and verb from above. Using these words form a sentence. Try to complete at least 6 different sentences.


For example:

Finley                Feather              cry


Energetic Finley cried because he lost his favourite feather

Other curriculum areas

Science- please use the science on the year 6 page. 



LO: to explore long vowel sounds (o)

Long vowel sounds are where the letter in the word is making the letter name.

For example:

Mostà the ‘o’ is making the sound as we would say the letter.

Noteà the ‘o’ is making the sound as we would say the letter.


Here is a list of words. Sort these into those that have the long o sound and those that do not.


Soak, hop, sock, pot, hotel, hope, no, moth, box, toe

Long vowel sound

No long vowel sound