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SEND at Forres

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder Provision at Forres

At Forres Primary we are proud to deliver an inclusive curriculum for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are the only mainstream school in Hertfordshire to have gained accreditation through the National Autistic Society


Forres is an inclusive setting, with a number of students with, or awaiting, a diagnosis of ASD. We cater to each individual’s needs through a variety of interventions. Some pupils may have Individual Education Plans now known as Learning support plans (LSPs) and/or Behaviour support plans (BSPs) to identify specific targets to work towards their specific needs, some pupils may work alongside a learning support assistant, and some have access to the Lilac Room; our specialist provision room designed to meet the needs of pupils with ASD.


Our local newspaper; The Hertfordshire Mercury has commended Forres on its attitudes and provisions for pupils with ASD.


Forres has an open-door approach and is open to meet with parents/carers to discuss any matters or answer and queries. If you would like to speak to us about Autism, please contact the autism lead Miss Nicola Price via or the school SENCO, Felicity Skinner via





Our ethos:

We at Forres believe that all children have the right to access the curriculum and be part of our inclusive setting.



Emotion chart, to express emotions visually


Our provisions:



  • We provide personalised visual timetables for pupils, to have an ordered and predictable structure to the day

  • We offer a life skills group and a social skills group, to improve social understanding and equip pupils with strategies to use in everyday life

  • Staff are highly aware of how autism affects children and are trained to meet the needs of each individual through the Autism Education trust

  • We provide Individual Education Plans to each pupil with autism which recognises the details of their needs and sets out targets to address them

  • We provide learning support to ensure pupils are confident and comfortable in their learning environment while receiving the support they require

  • We provide access to the Lilac Room for some pupils with ASD

  • We self assess our SEN practice in line with the Autism Education Trust School Standards and the National Autistic Society's Autism Accreditation programme.

  • We adopt a multidisciplinary approach including principles from SCERTS, SPELL, TEACCH and Makaton/sign-along to support speech

  • Forres SEN staff will meet with parents to discuss individual needs before a child transitions into the school


Please note: If you child is autistic, they may not receive every intervention listed on this page. Support and interventions are agreed on a case by case basic.


Visual timetable for a pupil with ASD