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SEND at Forres

School Offer


Our ethos:

We at Forres believe that all children have the right to access the curriculum and be part of our inclusive setting.



Emotion chart, to express emotions visually


Our provisions:



  • We provide personalised visual timetables for pupils, to have an ordered and predictable structure to the day

  • We offer a life skills group and a social skills group, to improve social understanding and equip pupils with strategies to use in everyday life

  • Staff are highly aware of how autism affects children and are trained to meet the needs of each individual through the Autism Education trust

  • We provide Individual Education Plans to each pupil with autism which recognises the details of their needs and sets out targets to address them

  • We provide learning support to ensure pupils are confident and comfortable in their learning environment while receiving the support they require

  • We provide access to the Lilac Room for some pupils with ASD

  • We self assess our SEN practice in line with the Autism Education Trust School Standards and the National Autistic Society's Autism Accreditation programme.

  • We adopt a multidisciplinary approach including principles from SCERTS, SPELL, TEACCH and Makaton/sign-along to support speech

  • Forres SEN staff will meet with parents to discuss individual needs before a child transitions into the school


Please note: If you child is autistic, they may not receive every intervention listed on this page. Support and interventions are agreed on a case by case basic.


Visual timetable for a pupil with ASD

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