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Week Commencing Overview of Week Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
EYFS Gymnastics - Balance Finger ball walking - With a ball, sit down in a space in the straddle position (legs wide apart). Ball to start on the floor between your legs, attempt to roll the ball on the floor around your body using your finger tips only to direct it. The ball must travel around one leg then around the back before travelling around the other leg back to it's starting position. Different bases - Find a large space and explore holding different balances (star, straight & one footed). Can you think of your own different balances (on all fours or on one hand & one foot)? Can you hold a balance for three seconds or more?

Egg rolling - Find a large space where you can practice the 'egg roll'. Use the egg rolling technique: Keep body 'tight' and tuck chin to chest, tuck your knees into your chest also. Starting on your back, can you roll onto your front? Can you roll from your front onto your back?

Year 1 Dance - Traditional Tales ‘The Gingerbread Man’ - have you read this story before? What happens in it? You are going to make the gingerbread men. Curl up small into the gingerbread mixture. Imagine that you are being mixed and shaped into a gingerbread man. What shape does your gingerbread man make? Can you listen to a piece of music and clap in time to the beat? Can you move in time with the music using gingerbread actions like clapping, moving your arms up and down, and walking?


You are going to perform a dance based on the gingerbread man coming to life. Lie down in a gingerbread man shape and imagine you are still in the oven. Use if angry movements. Lift your right arm off the floor, then place it back down (counts 1, 2), lift your left arm up and down (counts 3, 4), lift your right leg up and down (counts 5, 6) and your left leg up and down (7, 8). Slowly turn onto your tummies (counts 1-4) then come up to standing – you will be facing the back of the room (counts 5-8). Turn around to face the front (counts 1-4) then bang 4 times on the imaginary oven door (counts 5-8).
Year 2 Gymnastics - Balance and Coordination 'Happy cat' & 'angry cat' - Can you attempt practicing these positions one at a time in a space. 'Happy cat' - on all fours, relaxed back. 'Angry cat' - on all fours with back arched to the ceiling. Can you hold these positions for three seconds or more? Create a sequence - Can you create a sequence using 'happy cat', 'angry cat' and travel. Try both 'cat' positions linked up with a controlled method of travel in between (walk, skip or jump etc.)  Place a variety of soft obstacles like pillows or cushions in a space and begin travelling around the area without touching these obstacles. Can you travel on 'tip toes' and taking large lunging 'moon steps'. Every ten seconds can you 'turn' change direction and continue travelling? Can you 'speed up' or 'slow down' and change pace of travel?
Year 3 Gymnastics - Jumping Animal Walking - Bunny hops, monkey walk, seal movement, frog jumps, bear walk, crab walking, kangaroo jumps, chicken walk. Can you explore theses movements being creative throughout? Can you change direction and jump at the same time? Is it easier to jump/land off one foot or two when moving? Attempt some of the five basic jumps (star, straight, tuck, pike and straight turning jump). Sequencing - Can you think of something related to water e.g. waterfalls, icebergs or surfing? Can you create a sequence focused around your chosen water theme incorporating the five basic jumps and changing direction whilst jumping? Play some water themed music in the background to work to if you want. Can your perform the five jumps with control?
Year 4 Dance - The Romans Can you find any photos of famous Roman architecture? Can you create a range of different shapes for each building by using your body? Can you hold each position for eight seconds? You can use your body as creatively as possible, you could be on your side or even upside down. Can you think of some actions that you could use if you were building one of these Roman buildings? Can you use your actions in time with the music? Can you change your action after eight counts of music? Can you attempt the 'Warrior Pose'. Stand with one leg in front of the other, hips pointing forwards. Bend the front leg in a lunge (knee bent at 90 degrees and heel on the ground) and hold the back leg straight. Lift the arms above the head in a straight line and touch the palms together. Breathe in and out deeply. Repeat on the other leg.
Year 5 Dance - Space Can you think of up to six different astronaut poses that you can hold for three seconds or longer? In space there is no gravity, what does that mean? How will that affect the astronauts movements? Can you move around the room as if you are in space? Try out everyday movements such as sitting, lying down and standing without gravity. Can you think of any other movements you can try without gravity such as brushing your teeth, playing football or eating your dinner? Can you choose four astronaut poses from Activity 1. Now move between each of these shapes by using ideas from Activity 2. Can you move with light, floaty dynmaics?
Year 6 Gymnastics - WW2 Add On - This gymnastics game is designed to improve skill and technique on the floor. Start the game by performing one gymnastics move or shape (shoulder stand, side support etc). Next, repeat the same move, adding an additional move to the back end of the move/shape or balance. Next repeat both moves, adding another move on top of them and so on. Continue this pattern until you forget the correct sequence of moves. Perform a Sequence - Can you come up with a creative sequence that must include balances, shapes, turns, travels, jumps and rolls? Can you perform this sequence to a member of your family? Ask your audience for feedback from your sequence that you performed. What did they like? What did they think you could improve? How can you use the feedback to help you with your sequence?