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If your child is self isolating and not attending school please see the 'Coronavirus Home Learning' and select your child's year group for their home learning
Coronavirus Home Learning

First Aid

Over the last few weeks we have had an increase in the number of children attending First Aid. On the majority of occasions the child is absolutely fine after a little TLC and has no physical injury at all. When this is the case we will no longer issue a ‘bump note’ to you, if we feel you need to know we will ensure that you are informed by the class teacher at the end of the day. We will instead reserve ‘bump notes’ for situations where First Aid has been administered above and beyond TLC e.g. the child has been given a plaster for a cut, they have bumped their head, they have needed an ice pack etc… This should help you as parents/ carers to know that if they have received a ‘bump note’ they have needed some First Aid rather than only TLC. Should you have any questions about this please do get in touch or pass your comments to your year groups parent forum representative– details of who this is can be found on the school website. Go to our homepage, menu, parents & community on to parent forum .