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Egypt Day - Years 5/6

On the 2nd of October, Years 5 and 6, their teachers and TA's were transported through time to a world of sacred cats, outrageous outfits and some very, very expensive looking bling. The entire year group was treated to an Egyptian themed day based around their topic of ancient Egypt. They were given the chance to dress up in 'traditional' Egyptian outfits, experience some astounding interactive story telling featuring floods, gods curses and even a hilarious ritual mummification.


In the afternoon, every class was also given the chance to write their own hieroglyphics and experience the closest we could find to a replicate to a real ancient Egyptian burial ceremony. The children all dressed and behaved beautifully and we are beyond impressed with how the day went but the day wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without the teaching staff in 5/6, who of course dressed up as well. We had Mr Rignall who looked positively regal as Tutankhamun, Mrs Skinner who was clearly draped in the expensive Egyptian cottons of Cleopatra and Miss Montague whose dress was detailed by bejewelled camels and pyramids.


A fantastic day was had by all. Both educational and brilliant fun for the entire year group. Let's just hope not too many of them plan on mummifying each other this weekend!

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