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The first of our stay and learn sessions begins this week, on Wednesday 16th October.

News Reports

Canary Wharf Biography

We have been very busy lately due to these biographies. Lately we have been studying Isaac Newton so Mr Donno decided that we should write some biographies on him and his amazing discoveries. Did you know that Isaac discovered gravity all because of an apple falling out of a tree. Many people say that the apple fell on his head but there is no evidence saying what actually happened. Others say that he was watching the apple tree from his window and saw it fall that way. This got Isaac thinking because the apple fell downwards not sideways, so he got to work and after many years puzzled he found out about gravity. We wrote about some of his child hood like when he was younger he’s mother died and he had three siblings. When he was older he wrote three laws about gravity and movement. So as you can see we had a lot of things to write about. Our biography’s were mainly about his 3 laws. I hope you liked our report.

Lucia & Sev

Canary Wharf Essays

Canary Wharf Class have been up to some important work for some very well known people, The Rotary Club. The Rotary Club are a group of people who are very well known around these areas. They have arranged a competition including every local school in Hoddesdon. We have all got different interests in different jobs, so we are going to write some essays on what we want to be when we grow up and why? We all have very different ideas for what we want to be. Here are some of the jobs.

  • Sev P would like to be a Doctor

  • Lucia M would like to be a Horse Rider

  • Danny B would like Footballer

  • Daniel B would like to be a YouTube

  • Ruby F would like to be a Carer

  • Amelia Z would like to be a Vet

  • Joshua H would like to be a Guitarist

    This is only a few of the good jobs we have picked and wrote about. All of the essays have been sent off to The Rotary Club to be read and a winner will be picked. The winner gets to go for a day out with The Rotary Crew and they will take the winning child to a place where they can do/experiment what they want to be like…

  • Vet would go to a vet ;D

  • Doctor would go to a hospital

  • Footballer would go to a football club

  • Horse Rider to a stables

    Many people have entered the competition, like we said earlier, therefore no one is guaranteed to win. Loads of children want to be able to have a day out and do there dream job WOULDN’T YOU! If you turned this opportunity down I think you would have to be super mad! So stay tuned for some more reports!

    Sev and Lucia

Science Inventions

This week Canary Wharf have been looking at the science inventions. We have looked at marshmallow catapults. Also, we are going to make our own home made rocket ships made from a bottle ‘bottle rockets ‘we are going to build them ver the half term. We also looked at the force that is needed to push a balloon across a piece of string from one end of the room to the other. We then made an experiment on it and looked how many puffs (volume of air) is needed to push from end to end. We found out that the more there was it started to get shorter and shorter because there was too much thrust and could not control it. And also, found out that a balloon can’t take more than twenty-five puffs of air (volume of air inside of the balloon) and will burst.


Marshmallow Catapult


Marshmallow catapults were a bit weird because when we built them at the end when we were going to put a counter on the catapult when it fired there was too much pressure on the joints (marshmallow) and fell apart. So we thought what we could change, we changed the joints (marshmallow) and replaced it with either tape or blue tac. We tried and it was a success. We then had a little battle and play around with them.



This was your reporter Lewis Geary and I will keep you up to date with latest news.




Canary wharf class have been doing a lot of work since the last update so lets get started. So first if you’ve been reading our reports recently you will know we was getting a Recycling Bin to improve Forres’ Recycling. We will all have a Recycling Bin in every classroom. We also have a black bin in our classrooms for any paper or cardboard. Canary Wharf are also working on a secret project that you will be able to see soon on our class page. You might also be wondering “How are the lessons going?” Well the lessons are going great so far we have had

Ruby Franklin – Cheerleading

Joshua Hole – Gasses

Henry Barnes – Football

Lewis Geary – Superhero’s

Daniel Basset – Pokémon

Ty Chaperlin – Running

Daniel Hill – Video Games

All of these lessons have all been completed and our class have really enjoyed them. Not one of these people were nervous or worried and they all went on with their lessons like they had done it One Million times before! Our class teacher, Mr Donno, now has his own club and parents are aloud to join. This club is called Running Club and Mr Rignall joins in! The class have been asked by The Rotary Club to write a paragraph about what we want to be when we are older. For example I (LuciaM) would like to be a Show Jumper because I love Horses and enjoy riding them. Whereas I (SevP) would like to be a Doctor (Not a very good decision due to me being CLUMSY) I would like to be a Doctor because I would like to care for others and I like thinking I can save peoples lives.

 This is me ------------------------------------------------------------à


Thanks For Reading!

Sev and Lucia

Borneo`s Forest Destruction


This week Canary Wharf Class has been studying Borneo and how the Palm Oil has affected their people. We watched clips on what has and has not got Palm Oil in and we found out that 50% of our products have Palm Oil in them. We have it in Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand, Food and more. After we had found some more facts (like there are only 400 Tigers left in the world) we had a debate. The debate was about who agreed with replacing the Forrest with Palm Trees and who didn’t. I was playing someone who lived in the Forrest and had to move out because of the Palm Oil ltd. 

Here’s my script:

Hi I’m Lucia,

I live in the Forrest. I had my own Pineapple farm to but the peat the Palm Oil Company put down destroyed mine to. Now me and my family are suffering. We're going to die we are going to starve.


Image result for Borneo Palm tree farmsBy Lucia & Ruby



Recycling is important to us because we can make more clothes, bottles, cans e.c.t  We can also give out free jumpers to the poor and to the people who don’t have what we have. We can also make more toys and spread them to the Orphanages around Harlow and Hoddesdon. So as you can tell Recycling can make the world a much better place. Don’t worry I know what you are thinking “If Recycling is so good why don`t we all Recycle?” Well most people complain they are not at home when the delivery van comes to empty the bin and also many people can’t be bothered. We all have different ways of throwing our rubbish away but I can assure you that Recycling is the better healthier option. We can all Recycle because you can get your own private times in case you are at work or are busy.

I hope we have changed your opinion on Recycling.

Lucia and Ruby



Christmas cards

In class we have been decorating are own cards. After that we gave them to our parents, grandparents and etc. We have been using different material like hot glue gun, pompoms string, bells, glittery paper and so on. People who finished their cards also made Mr Donno and Mr Rignalls’ Christmas ugly jumper. We had a lot of fun making these cards for our family and friends we also discovered new ways of desining christmas cards.we were alowed to make them how ever we like it was the best we had a lot of fun I had a desighn but it was terrible but then I done a different one it was better then it was. We all made some pretty christmas cards and we made our own design. Loads of us made pop outs and boingys on their cards . THEY LOOKED SO COOL!



Breaking news



Canary wharf have been learning about the country Borneo and are looking at the latest crisis that are happening there. Some of the stuff they have been looking at are happening right night as you are reading this.

In Borneo(which is in Asia)has been known for its amazing  wildlife but is soon to be gone as people are burning down the Forest which is putting animals in danger. Borneo is three separate countries in it ,heres what they are Malaysia, Indonesia and you know that nearly a quarter of the jungle has been burnt since 1994. Half of the jungle has now been burnt and now only has on the half that they burnt is palm trees that will give them palm oil what they will sell world wide as they are the highest selling and making palm oil sellers on the earth!



Some of the wildlife there is one of the most amazing in the world, even some of the creatures there you can only find at Borneo as they can only live there due to the conditions. Here are some of the animals names proboscis monkey, sun bear, kingfisher bird and many more. Last year the palm oil  company made a profit of £160 million and are looking to get higher than that this year or next year.

Monkeys that are on the brink of extinction as when the palm oil company wipe away the forest or wonder into the area where they are working. The female monkeys get shot are slashed by the workers and then sell the baby’s (which were following the mother) but don’t sell them to a care home for the baby monkeys, they get sold to other people (who are not from care homes) which is actually illegal which should be banned and hopefully if they caught doing trading will be sent to prison.

I hope you have learnt something new today from this news report and will hope to carry on with this subject .

Reported by Lewis Geary

Have Teachers gone  crazy!!!

What’s going on students are teaching?

 Every Wednesday in Forres school the year 6 class teachers are allowing a student to teach a lesson of their choice.

Up first is Ruby who is going to teach us cheerleading followed by Josh who is going to teach us about a few gasses after Josh is Henry who is going to educate us about the science of football.


After interviewing  Lewis Geary from canary wharf class it seems that it will be a great  success as Lewis said “I think that it will be a good opportunity for the year six children to have a chance as a teacher.”

 Written by Josh and Henry






In class we have been learning about the pit and the pendulum. This story was written by the author Edgar Allan Poe and adapted by Geoff Reilly.


This is a story about a man that was in a prison. As he was there it were a nightmare people banging the walls, Blood everywhere and slime everywhere, suddenly he fell to his death but out of nowhere he managed to survive his death someone managed to rescue him…  


What we have learned in our lesson:

We have been learning about the story and wrote it in our own words. After that we have been learning about suspense by writing about what has happened to the character or the settings. And also we have been writing how the authors that uses language  and a considering the impact on the reader. And finally by creating atmosphere.









How To Make Cancer Killing Flatbread - YEAST FREE


  • Flour (7 Oz)

  • Olive Oil (2 table spoons

  • Salt (1/4 tea spoon)

  • Warm Water (100 ml)


    Fruits that are

  • Ice-cream (Not needed but is a great extra)

  • Strawberries

  • Blackberries

  • Blueberries



Why This Is Good For Cancer

This flatbread is  good for cancer because all the fruits that are in this delicious tasting bread are all highly recommended for curing cancer and helping peoples digestive systems. Most fruits also help diabetes and clear out your cholesterol system.


This has been fun for Canary Wharf Class as they are looking forward to making there helpful flatbreads. At the moment the class are buzzy trying to plan what is going to be on their flatbreads and why it is going to be helpful for certain illnesses such as diabetes and clearing cholesterol systems.


Written by Lucia Mazza



Breaking news


Yesterday Forres football team played away to St Augustines and won 4-0. It was tough conditions as the weather was cold but with great support from the parents we managed to get this great result.


They have now won all 3 of their games so team spirits are high.  There is a tournament at John Warner school next Friday 11th November and they are all up for the challenge. We spoke to the captain Lewis and this is what he said. ”We played very well and didn’t let them pass our defence and the attacking that we done was superb” They have now got  14 goals scored for and 3 goals conceded.


Onwards and upwards team Forres.


I’m your reporter Lewis Geary and will keep you up to date with the latest football news.




This week we have been making Aztec sundials

We all made one, we had to put 12 lines on each side.

We done patterns on them, then we painted them in Aztec colours.

We put a face in the middle of it.

Here are some Aztec sundials.


Around the edge are 12 points, and the face in the middle, and there are 4 arrows.

By Daniel Bassett


Picture 1

Benjamin Zephaniah


Benjamin is a famous poet who writes funny poems. He likes using informal words during writing his poems and he aims them mainly at children. This week Canary Wharf class have been focusing on Benjamin. He has been the children’s favourite poet this week. It has been the easiest poem for them to write as you could write full sentences and it did not matter where the rhyming words where placed. Benjamin originally comes from Japan. His accent gives the poem a great affect especially when the informal language is added.  He is 58 years old and his birthday is April 15 1958. He is married to Amina Zephaniah but does not have any kids. Benjamin is a loving man however when it comes to writing his poems he puts the time and effort into them. He enjoys writing and drawing pictures even when it is based around his poems.

Benjamin`s favourite sport is karate and he used to go karate club when he was a kid. He has 1 sister called Velda Zephaniah and funnily enough she is exactly the same age as Benjamin because she is his twin . He left his twin sister in Japan as he wanted to leave for England but his sibling did not agree with his decision. Benjamin`s papa is called Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah and his mama is called Valarie Zephaniah . She come to England with him whereas his papa stayed with his twin sister in Japan.

                                       Written by Lucia  & Ruby y6




An unbelievable win by forres as they keep marching on with a 7-2 win against St Cross school.


On Monday Forres played St Cross football team and remarkably won 7-2 and have now won two games in a row and have 6 points so far on the leader board.


We had an interview with the forres school captain Lewis Geary and this is what he had to say.

“The boys played very well and worked their hardest and are happy for the win”

 In the match it was a tight game and at half time it was 4-1 but then forres steamed into a 7-1 lead until saint cross got one back,  but it wasn’t enough to get them anywhere near a draw.

There were a couple of rough challenges but we took care of it and didn’t give up.


We will keep the news coming as we still have another 5 games to keep you up to date.


By Lewis Geary

Picture 1

Slammin Poems!!!


All this week the kids in canary wharf class have been learning about slam poetry and have been writing about the harvest 2016.


The kids have been watching short clips about slam poetry and it’s not your everyday language, like the following words. Ain’t , innit , you’re , you’ve etc.


This was my slam poem of harvest.


Maybe we’ve had too much sun

Maybe they’ve been cooked like a hot cross bun

Maybe the rains been having too much fun

Maybe the suns been banging like a drum

Maybe you’ve got to work hard at it

Maybe you’re gonna sweat

Maybe you’re gonna bleed

 Maybe you’re gonna cry

Might this be the best harvest

You decide cause it’s our time to shine.


There is a lot of maybe because you have to use repetition to get the theme of the slam poem. At the second and last one use a different starter word than maybe so you can end it nicely with the reader wanting to try it and make their very own slam poem.


The kids of canary wharf have done very well this week as on Friday they will act out their poems in front of the whole class and will use different emotions in what they will act. I have enjoyed this week learning slam poetry and hope everyone has a good weekend.

Written by Lewis Geary.