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Reminder.. Yr 1, 2 & 3 can collect their belongings this Thursday 9th July between 3.30pm - 4pm in designated playgrounds. Thank you
Coronavirus Home Learning


At the moment in Maths we are recapping EYFS learning through the Summer term. 


Problems to solve:


Repeating patterns.

Can you use a bead string or coloured cubes / numbers to make a repeating pattern?


Adding more.

Use a number line to help you.

What’s one more than 3? What’s 2 more than 5? What’s 4 more than 2?


Taking away. Finding one less.

Use a number line to help you.

What’s one less than 3? What’s 3 less than 7? What’s 5 less than 9?


Counting to 20. Ordering numbers to 20.

Can you write numbers 0 to 20 on a number line?

Activities to complete: 


Useful Websites: