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Some - Finding percentages of amounts

All - Finding percentages of amounts

At the moment in Maths we are learning about Fractions, decimals and percentages.

Problem to solve: 

Would you rather? N Rich activity

Would you rather......

Have 10% of £5 or 75% of 80p?


Be given 60% of 2 pizzas or 26% of 5 pizzas?

Be bitten by 15% of 120 mosquitoes or 8% of 250 mosquitoes?


Skip using a rope which is 54% of 105cm long, or 88% of 2.75m long?

Sit in a traffic jam for 33% of 2 hours or 44% of 1hr 40mins?


Make sure you explain your reasons clearly.

Perhaps you'd like to make up some of your own questions like these.


Activities to complete: 

Find percentages of amounts.

Rewrite decimals as fractions.

Remember to use a Place Value Chart to help you.


Useful Websites: 

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