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Before the Easter holidays, we would have been working on Problem Solving involving money and units of measure.


Problem to solve: 

Evan is saving up to buy a new game. The game costs £45.00. So far he has saved £15.50. Over the next month he saves another £20.10. How much has he saved altogether? How much more does he need to buy the game?


When solving word problems, think:  What do I know?    What do I need to do first?   Which operation(s) do I need to use?  Do I need to write any units of measure for the answer?  (£, p, cm, ml etc...)


Activities to complete: 

  • Solve similar problems to the one above involving addition, subtraction or a combination.
  • Move onto two-step or more problems involving a range of the four operations (multiplying, dividing as well as adding and subtracting.

E.G. Peter has a jug of drink containing 750ml of juice.  He drinks 330ml and his friend drinks 170ml. How much of the juice is left?

  • Make up your own word problems for someone else to solve. For example:  Polly has a piece of wood that measures 82cm.  She needs to cut it into 4 equal pieces to make shelves. What length will each piece be?
  • Twinkl and other suggested Maths websites for children should contain a range of Year 4 two-step word problems.  Feel free to try some from Year 2, Year 3 or Year 5 depending on level of challenge needed.
  • Continue to practice those times tables (they will help with problem solving!)

Useful Websites:

TT Rockstars