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At the moment in Maths we are rehearsing how to use formal written methods for mutliplying 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.



Use a dice (ten-sided if you have one or six-sided is fine), roll it twice to create a two digit number (such as 34) and then once more for a one-digit number (6). Decide how you would like to solve your multiplication: Partition your 2-digit number into Tens and Ones (30 and 4) then multiply the Ones by your 1-digit number (4 x 6 = 24) and the Tens by your 1-digit number (30 x 6 = 180). Lastly add your answers together to get the solution (180 + 24 = 204).

On the other hand you can use the formal written method:


x 6


Problem to solve: 

Use this link to visit the nrich website  and have a go at this problem with an adult. All you need is a dice and some paper and pencils.


Useful Websites: 

Mathletics, TT rockstars, BBC Bitesize,