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Overview of the week:

This week in maths we are revisiting an area of learning that we explored earlier in the year. We will be briefly recapping statistics and some of the key skills within this area of learning. 

Activity 1 - Tallying

Tally marks are a speedy way of recording and presenting information.

 We make 4 vertical marks and indicate the 5th by a diagonal strike.

Watch this short video clip to explain this further. 

Now have a go at writing these numbers in tally marks
Now have a go at reading this number, explain how you know what it is representing. 
Picture 1

Activity 2- Collecting data
Today we are going to begin collecting data that we will be able to use later in the week. We are going to use our learning from yesterday to draw tally marks to gather our totals. 

We are going to investigate the most common colour car on the roads,. At a safe distance and with an adult go to where you can see cars passing (this may even be inside, through a window) or on a nice walk. 
Write down the car colours in your table and leave a section for tallying 


Each time you see a car of that colour add a tally mark. Once you have finished use the tallys to efficiently find your total. 

You could easily tweak this activity to gather information about a different topic such as favourite colour, favourite football team, etc. 

Activity 3- Presenting our data
Today we are going to move on to presenting our data. We are going to use a bar graph. For this we will need some key components.

*Title (what were we investigating) 

*Labelled axis (what is each scale showing us).

*Scale (what are we going up in- this will depend on how much data we have gathered). 

*clear plotting. 


Key points to remember: 
The x axis runs horizontally across the page. 
The y acis runs vertically. 

Activity 4- Analysing data

Now that we have collected data and represented this in a clear way. We are going to use key vocabulary to explain our findings (analyse the data). 

Using these words, write complete sentences about what you found out. 
*most popular
*least popular
*difference between

For example, The total number of cars that I saw was 34. 

The most common colour car on the roads was silver and I saw 14 of them.  

The least popular colour car I saw on the roads was green and I only saw 2 of those. 

Activity 5- Pictograms
Pictograms are another way that information can be represented and although we are not going to create our own, we are today going to have a go at reading and interpreting information from one. 

Useful Websites: 

Times table Rockstars- your class teacher will have set the correct times tables to practise.


All four operations-

(focus mainly on multiplication this week)


Doubling and halving- please use this website to practise these skills with your children.


Telling the time- please work on o'clock, half hours, quarters and 5 minute intervals with your child using the interactive clock.