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Coronavirus Home Learning


At the moment in Maths we are learning about doubling and halving.

A problem to solve: 



Can you solve this problem?

Can it be completed in more than one way?

How many legs would there be if there were 8 sheep? How can you calculate this?

How many legs would there be if there were 8 hens? How can you calculate this?


Activities to complete: 

1. Recap strategies for addition (column addition with and without regrouping.) Here is a help card to support you

2. Can you roll a dice to create 2 digit + 2 digit calculations and calculate these using column addition?

_ _ + _ _ = ___

3. How many different ways can you complete an addition calculation that totals 84? 






Useful Websites: 

Times table Rockstars- your class teacher will have set the correct times tables to practise.


All four operations-

(focus mainly on addition this week)


Doubling and halving- please use this website to practise these skills with your children.


Telling the time- please work on o'clock, half hours, quarters and 5 minute intervals with your child using the interactive clock.