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Coronavirus Home Learning


During the Autumn Term children will be working on the following skills in English lessons: 


  • Using single clause sentences and multi-clause sentences using coordinating conjunctions
  • Using the full range of punctuation taught across KS1 to demarcate sentences
  • Including the use of devices to organise writing
  • Using some multi-clause sentences using subordinating conjunctions
  • Expressing time, place and cause using conjunctions e.g. when, before, after, while, so, because; adverbs e.g. then, next, soon, therefore; prepositions e.g. before, after, during, in, because of
  • Including dialogue within story writing and begin to use this to reveal detail about character
  • Beginning to vary sentence openings
  • Ensuring relevant details are included in both narrative and non-fiction writing
  • Using expanded noun phrases to describe and specify




Useful Websites, BBC BITESIZE , Pobble 365,