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Have a safe and happy summer holiday everyone, we look forward to seeing you all Tuesday 3rd September.

Lilac Room

The Lilac Room

What  is the Lilac Room?

Lilac Room is a support centre designed to aid progression and meet the needs of children diagnosed with, or with features of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It provides them with a safe environment where children can access the curriculum, and receive support and strategies for areas of school-life they may struggle with.


Lilac Room’s aim is to provide each individual with the necessary support, strategies and tools to cope in a school environment.


Who is involved?

Chris Russell (Autism Coordinator) currently leads the Lilac Room. The staff responsible for the everyday running and supervision of the Lilac Room are; Ro Hollis, Hayley Cowan and Lou Smith. We work closely with Felicity Skinner (SENCO) and Sue Camp (Head Teacher).


Not only do we support the children in Lilac Room, but we develop timetables to support individual integration.