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Highlight of the Week

Well Done children and staff

Well done to all or our Forres children who have worked so hard during this term, both home learning and coming into school.  We are immensely proud of how well you have all adapted to the new normal.

Also, a special thank you to all the staff at school that have worked tirelessly this half term to continue to offer the highest standard of learning to all of our school community.


Our Very Own Mini Ronaldo!

Unbelievable tekkers from our very own Mini Ronaldo, Y4 pupil Finley, who showed off his talents on @TheF2! This video has been viewed over 7 million times! A bright future ahead for this young man!

12th November 2020

Congratulations to Filip Lubinski, you are the winner of the Matchbox competition. A £10 amazon voucher is on its way to you. Well done!

This is what i found in the garden : one flower three rocks one brick of Lego small piece of glass one tiny screw two leaves one piece of aluminium one piece of coal one small ball of Polystyrene

We are extending the deadline for the Matchbox competition to Friday 12th June...

Go on a scavenger hunt around your house, garden or when you go out for your daily exercise. How many things can you find that fit into a matchbox or similar size box. Take a photo and count them and send it to us. 

We will look forward to your entries, Good luck




Congratulations to Marley, Knightsbridge class, you are the winner of the' picture on your daily walk' competition. A £10 amazon voucher is on its way to you. Well done!

Congratulations to Jake and Milo, you are the winners of the positive pants competition. A £10 amazon voucher is on its way to you, well done both of you!

Thank you for your entries to the positive pants competition, they were great!

Congratulations to Ruby Thomas, winner of VE day flag competition. A £10 amazon voucher is on its way to you. Well done!

Here are more of the brilliant entries we received for the VE day flag competition, well done to all of you!

Weekly Challenges

Thank you for your support with our weekly challenge. I have set a new set of challenges for the next four weeks. Judging takes place after one week of the challenge being live and winners are notified by email. They are designed to be fun and are not compulsory. Please take a picture and email your finished challenge to a winner each week will receive a £10 Amazon voucher, so do not forget to include your name with your picture. We will put as many entries as we can on our website, so if you do not want your child’s face on the website, only send a picture of the challenge to us.

Week 1 (Monday 4th May):

Design a flag for the VE day stay at home celebrations. This flag can go in your window on Friday 8th May.

Week 2 (Monday 11th May):

Design a pair of positive pants to pull on when things are feeling tough

Week 3 (Monday 18th May):

Take a photo or draw a picture of something you see when you take your daily exercise, if you can’t go out if may be something you see from your window

Week 4 Monday 25th May):

Go on a scavenger hunt around your house, garden or when you go out for your exercise. How many things can you find that fit into a matchbox or similar size box. Take a photo and count them and send it to us We really hope you enjoy these activities; we look forward to seeing your projects

Miniature Garden Winner!

Congratulations Emily Armstrong-Parr winner of the miniature garden competition. A £10 Amazon voucher is on its way to you. Well done!

 Forres Bake Off Winner!

Congratulations  to Lucas Crocombe, you have won the bake off challenge this week. A £10 Amazon voucher is on its way to you.

well done from the Forres team

Portrait of Mrs Camp winner!

Congratulations to Eric Musial winner of the portrait of Mrs Camp competition. Best wishes from the Forres Team.

Easter bonnet winner!

Congratulations to Jamie Jaycock, you were this weeks winning entry for the Easter Bonnet competition . We are organising an Amazon voucher for you. Best wishes Forres team

 Weekly Fun Challenge

Whilst we remain closed to the majority of children, we felt we would try to raise your spirits a little with a weekly challenge. These challenges go live each Friday and will end at lunchtime the following Thursday. They are designed to be fun and are not compulsory. Please take a picture and email your finished challenge to a winner each week will receive a £10 Amazon voucher, so do not forget to include your name with your picture. We will put as many entries as we can on our website, so if you do not want your child’s face on the website, only send a picture of the challenge to us.

Week 1 (Friday 27th): Make an Easter hat from any materials you can find.

Week 2 (Friday 3rd April): Produce a portrait of Mrs Camp in any format (painting, drawing, collage, computer)

Week 3 (Friday 10th April): Forres bake off; make a cake/cakes from any ingredients you have and decorate.

Week 4 (Friday 17th April): Make a miniature garden We really hope you enjoy these activities, we look forward to seeing your project.


Each winning design will be shown on this page.


New arrivals

Sportshall Athletics competition

Congratulations to our Y3/4 children who took part in the Sportshall Athletics competition on Tuesday. Both our boys and girls were the winners of the event by some margin. We would also like to say a big well done to the Y5/6 children who competed later in the day.

New arrivals

As some of you may know already from your children Forres have some new arrivals! We are taking part in the chick incubation project. We have two hatched chicks already and two duck-lings are due to hatch next week. The children have enjoyed watching the chicks run around their pen and their classrooms.

Year 5

Year 5 have been investigating area this week in Maths. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring 'which is bigger a hand print or a foot print?' We did lots of investigation and estimation. The children all predicted their foot is bigger than their hand. They discovered this by drawing around their own hands and feet and counting the squares this took up on the page.

Year 4

Year four were lucky enough to have a visit from Lorraine, a specialist dancer last week, to teach them a traditional Egyptian dance to the gods and encourage them to explore a range of artefacts from the Egyptian era. It was a fabulous experience. The children came dressed as Egyptians for the day and the costumes were amazing.

Year 3

This half term Year 3 have been focusing on the Romans in our Topic lessons. We have been learning about Roman soldiers and writing diary entries, which depict their lives. We spent time publishing these in our neatest handwriting and some are on display in our classroom. We have also been learning about Roman Mosaics and have been lucky to create some of our own. First, we had to sketch our designs into our topic books using squared paper. Then we had to place our mosaic pieces onto paper using our chosen design as a guide. After this, we had to transfer the pieces to the shiny tile and glaze it using PVA glue. They looked fantastic. We are hoping to display these around school!

In Year 2

In year 2 we have been considering how we can take responsibility for our planet. We linked this learning to our topic 'Commotion in the Ocean' and thought about how we can contribute to reducing the plastic in the Ocean. As part of this we wrote persuasive letters to Mrs Camp to ask if we could hold a cake sale on Friday 14th February to raise money for charity and Covent Garden discussed banning plastic water bottles at school.

Year 1

Topic for year 1 this term is ‘Toys’. In History we have discussed the difference between old and new toys. We were even lucky enough to have some old toys brought in school to look at! This week we have had a go at planning and creating our own toys! First, we designed a puzzle picture and then we made it. We looked at different instruction texts and discussed the key features. We then wrote our own set of instructions for ‘How to make a puzzle’. The children worked so hard on their designs.

'We went to the Animal Fair’

Reception have been learning about lots of different animals and how they live. This week they have learnt all about Elmer. They have made elephant hand prints, Elmer collages and during some adult directed activities they have been colour mixing with paint. Finally to finish off a wonderful week of learning they all came into school wearing as many colours as possible; just like Elmer!

Year 6

In Year 6, as part of our topic on the ancient Greeks, we have just completed our focus text for literacy- Odysseus. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the many adventures this Greek hero encountered, as well as the monsters and creatures he came across on his long voyage home. Year 6 were inspired to write many different text types from diaries to letter to newspaper reports.

Year 5

Year 5 have been enjoying the festive spirit at school. We have been creating decorations, calendars and cards this week. I'm sure the children will enjoy sharing these with you when they bring their creations home. The children have also been completing some beautiful writing in their topic sessions and have enjoyed writing poems about D Day and writing a diary entry as if they are Anne Frank.

Year 4

Year 4 have been busy following recipes to make a large chocolate cake in groups and individual cup cakes too! They have had to make decisions about quantities of ingredients and choices of flavouring for their icing. Everyone seems to have enjoyed their cake-making experiences! On Wednesday of last week the Year 4 children really enjoyed working with the Ministry of Chocolate, carrying out a range of different chocolate activities throughout the day.

Year 3

For the past few weeks we have been focusing on producing our very own Stone Age play scripts in English. Children have enjoyed writing, publishing and preforming these with their peers. The work produced was very impressive! On Wednesday we went on a very special day out to Celtic Harmony in Hertford. Children were extremely excited and enthusiastic all day. They engaged in several activities such as den building and really got to grips with Stone Age life. Year 3 also thoroughly enjoyed the trading activity which took place at the very end. We had an amazing time

Year 2

In Science this week, Year 2 have been continuing to explore the properties of materials. This week we have predicted the material that is best suited to fix a broken umbrella and then carried out an investigation. Most of us found our predictions to be correct and we were superb at using the correct scientific vocabulary.

Crucial crew

On Thursday 21st November Year 6 attended the Crucial Crew event at Turnford Regional College. The children took part in various safety activities, including a mini first aid session.

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the morning  and learnt lots of valuable life skills. 

We were very proud of the impeccable behaviour of our pupils.

Year 1


This term our topic is ‘Fire Fire’. Year 1 really enjoyed the Great Fire of London workshop. They loved learning about all the different jobs that were carried out in 1666. The children were beautifully behaved all day and were praised by the workshop leader. They have written a recount in English based on the day and have worked hard to remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We are looking forward to exploring the jobs further and having a go for ourselves.

Remembrance Sunday

Year 6 ambassadors were extremely proud to lay a wreath, on behalf of Forres school,  on Remembrance Sunday.


In EYFS this week, we have been celebrating the Hindu festival of light, Diwali. We retold the story of Rama and Sita using props and in PE we learnt a Diwali dance. We have made Rangoli patterns with 2D and 3D shapes. We have tried Diwali cakes and sweets. We also made Diva lamps in our key worker groups and we will be painting them with rainbow colours

Year 6

This half term we have been studying the ancient Greeks, as well as enjoying our text, The Spiderwick Field Guide. The children have been fully immersed in this text and have been captivated by the different creatures which inhabit the guide. As a result both classes have published their own field guide - it is a mix of their own creatures and imaginative illustrations. During our learning sequence the children have role played being a boggart! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Year 5

Year 5 went to the RAF Museum to link in with the Term’s theme of World War 2. The children participated in a workshop where they went back in time to 1940, pretending to be in class. They learnt that they were to be evacuated after school completing their identity cards and labels for their belongings. They endured Maths and English as it would have been taught in 1940, using dip pens and ink, blotting paper and even suffered the fear of being bombed. The children had to hide under their tables to keep safe.


Year 4

Year 4 have been studying the topic of Chocolatology so far this term. We are half way through Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Many facts on the Mayans have been researched and discussed too. The children have also started to learn about Andy Warhol and Pop Art. We think the children liked being asked to provide an empty chocolate bar wrapper for their art work!

Year 3

Our topic this half term in Year 3 is ‘The Stone Age’. This week we have been changing ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ into ‘Little Red Deer Skin’ and have enjoyed publishing our work for a special class book. Children have been enthusiastic about turning traditional characters into prehistoric human beings and have used high-level vocabulary to write character descriptions. During our History lessons, we have also been learning about Stone Age food and have had lots of fun playing the ‘Hunter-gatherer’ game with our peers. Finally, we have also compared Stone Age food with the Modern Age and created some of our very own shopping lists!

Year 2


Our topic this half term in Year 2 is 'Once Upon a Time'. This week we have been retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs, we enjoyed acting out the story and describing the characters. We then looked at how we can use conjunctions and expanded noun phrases to make our sentences more interesting when retelling the story. In Maths we have been exploring tens and ones and using this to help us understand the value of digits in a number. During our science lessons we have been a material hunt around the school where we looked at which material objects were made from and why these materials were suitable. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary to describe the properties of these materials!

Year 1


Our topic this term is Paws, Claws and Whiskers. In English we have used the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to write labels and captions. We also enjoyed acting out the story! We will focus on a different animal book fortnightly. In Maths, we have been exploring positional language, linking it to ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. For example ‘We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it’ and more. We also learnt about ordinal numbers and their importance, linking them to real life events. In Science, we have identified the main parts of the human body and our senses. We will then link this to animals as well as grouping them based on their features, diet and habitat.

Welcome to the class of 2019-2020!


The new EYFS children have settled well into school life. The children have really enjoyed meeting and making new friends. Next week the children will meet their new Year 6 buddies and have lunch with their parents.

Proud of our Year 6 SATS results


We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 children this week. As you may know in May these children undertook National Testing (SATS), this week the results were published and the result show the hard work the children have put in and their determination to achieve their best in these. The results will be officially published later this year but they show a real improvement on previous years and we are really thankful to Mr Evans, Mrs Egan, Mrs Doddridge, Mrs Moore and Miss Dawes for all of their hard work in

supporting the children in Year 6.

Sports Day 2019


We hosted our annual school Sports Day on Friday 5th July, which was well attended by parents and guardians. Thankfully we had some lovely weather for the day and the children were keen to showcase some of the skills that they had covered throughout the school year. All the pupils tried their best as they attempted to win points for their classes in a number of events including; javelin, speed bounce, obstacle course, target throw, target racquets, racquet balance, netball shot and golf putting. 


After all the points were calculated we are pleased to announce that the following classes won their Key Stage Trophies which were awarded to the classes in assembly on Wednesday 10th July;


EYFS: Hampstead

KS1: Knightsbridge

KS2 Lower: Marble Arch

KS2 Upper: Waterloo


Thank you to all the parents and guardians for cheering the children on throughout the day and to the Y5 pupils that helped Mr Mac and Mr Jones for the day! We look forward to seeing you all again next year! 

China, Year 6

In Year 6 this term we have been learning about China. We focused on modern China, including the One Child Policy. We also learnt about the ancient China focusing on the Shang Dynasty.



Ancient Egypt, Year 5
The children in Year 5 we have been focusing on Ancient Egypt. The children have loved learning about all the Egyptian Gods and ways of living. They have made mummies, writing the different steps and wrapping them like linen bandages around a Sarcophagus. In English we have been studying Ancient Egyptian Myths and have begun writing our own using the features Beowulf linking our work to the Anglo Saxons which we learnt about in the beginning of the year.

Out of Africa, Year4


The children in Year 4 have been enjoying their Summer topic, Out of Africa. They have completed lots of cross-curricular work, including explanation texts on mountains and animals, making animals from clay, writing traditional African tales and painting African sunset pictures. The children are really looking forward to continuing this topic with an exciting African day at the beginning of July. They have made their own tie dye t-shirts to wear on the day and we are looking forward to seeing their creations.

Year 3 have been learning all about Brazil.


The children in year 3 have been learning all about Brazil this term. The children have learnt about the rainforest , the animals that live there and the different layers. In English they have just finished writing adventure stories based around Lynne Cherry's story, The Great Kapok Tree. You can see in the photo the children have created beautiful watercolour paintings, using the artist Helen Cowcher as their inspiration.

Year 2 have been learning all about India
The children in Year 2 have been immersing themselves in their learning about their topic, India and have begun exploring Indian food. This week the children have tasted Naan bread and used their senses to describe the smell, appearance and of course the taste. They then discussed what Naan bread they wanted to make. On Friday they made their bread and they are bringing it home to cook. We hope our Year 2 families enjoy this over the weekend!

Year 1 Tennis

Today Knightsbridge class had their introduction to Racket sports. They had great fun playing racket drop and bounce and swipe in the sun, building confidence with a bat and ball.


EYFS, learning all about Dinosaurs 


The children in EYFS have been learning about dinosaurs. We are so impressed with what they have been doing. They have used their hand-prints to make their own dinosaurs. They have written instructions about how to grow their very own dinosaur . The children have found out facts including the difference herbivores and carnivores. In Maths the children have been measuring prints from different types of dinosaurs using non standard units, eg. cubes, as well as centimetre rulers.

Wow! A dinosaur came to visit Forres primary school. 


Forres children played in the festival of tennis at Hoddesdon LTC on

Friday 3rd May. We are very proud of them for achieving the runners up position. Well done to all!

Ducklings at Forres

Our ducklings have arrived safe and sound, we have had three hatch in reception and year 6. The ducklings have been named Donald, Daisy, Dave, Cornflake, Daffodil and Zed.

Voice in a Million

Forres choir were very proud to attend 'Voice in a million' at Wembley on Thursday 21st March. They had a great time singing along to their favourite songs. 

Science Week Highlights

The children explored journeys during science day. They looked at the various daily journeys that occur around us without noticing.

The children enjoyed completing several experiments, ranging from paper aeroplane racing, fruit printing and exploring plastics in the ocean.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their day and can now notice the journeys that happen around them. 



Year 6 Cycle Training


Last week pupils from Year 6 had the opportunity for participate in a Level 1 and Level 2 Cycle Training course, designed to equip children with the required skills and confidence to ride their bikes safely on the roads. After a week consisting of a bicycle check and lots of time putting their new new skills to the test we are pleased to announce that all pupils passed their Level 1 and Level 2 award. 


Well done to all pupils that participated in the training and a massive thank you to the instructors Mel and Eric for all their hard work and patience. We look forward to offering this opportunity to Year 6 pupils again next year.

School Assembly

 Many thanks to Nick Sharp, the vicar of St. Cuthbert's, who visited Forres on Wednesday 13th February and lead an uplifting and inspiring assembly on 'All things that can feel impossible'. 

The staff and children really enjoyed it and sang along with great enthusiasm. 


The John Warner Coffee Morning

A group of Year 5 children attended The John Warner coffee morning for the Foodbank, whilst there they painted pebbles.

Congratulations To Forres Kitchen Staff

We are proud to say well done to Mrs Lane and the kitchen team who have just passed their spot check and got high praise and 5 stars!.... Congratulations ladies.

Forres Choir

Forres choir sang beautifully on Sunday 25th November at the Spotlight Theatre, Hoddesdon. We look forward to hearing them sing again at The Spotlight Christmas concert this Wednesday 28th November.

Writing Week

This week we made an interesting discovery of bones in our outdoor classroom. Each class has had the opportunity to go outside and investigate the reason for their sudden appearance. Children had a wonderful time writing in many different genres - descriptive writing in Ks1, newspaper reports in Yr3 and 4, and narrative writing in Year 5 and 6. The writing outcomes from every class have been fantastic and the children had an opportunity to share their work with the whole school.

Macmillan Coffee and cake morning

On Friday 12th October 2018 children from Forres Primary School went to The John Warner secondary school to help them support this worthy cause.

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