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Our new topic this term is Dinosaurs. 


Listen and sing along to phonics songs.

Phonics games/ resources –


Use phonics pack to recap sounds.


Can you write some tricky words?









Week Commencing

Overview of Week

Activity 1


Activity 2



Activity 3


Activity 4


Activity 5


English  Writing a sentence using our phonic sounds to make it plausible Inset Day 

Read the story Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs. 

Our new topic is all about dinosaurs.

What can you tell me about dinosaurs?

What do you want to learn about/ find out about?

Read the story of Harry and his Bucketful of dinosaurs- Harry has lost his dinosaurs in EYFS! We need to protect the footprint as evidence- how could we protect it and make sure nobody touches it? Children to make signs to protect the footprint (do not touch, keep away, do not clean).

Dinosaurs are found- have you ever lost something? What did you lose? Children to discuss/share ideas. Modelling writing the sentence on the board- I lost....

Talk about the different dinosaurs, what they eat and how they look.

If you could have any pet dinosaur, what would it look like?
Maths To solve problem involving money. Inset Day

Discuss what we use money for... to buy things.

Looking at the value of  coins.

Look at 1p, 2p and 5p. What is the same about them? What is different? 


Solve problems as a class- how many 1ps would we need to buy something that is 4p? Count out the 1p coins as a class and model writing a number sentence 1p+1p+1p+1p= 4p.


How can you make 5p using 1p’s and 2’ps? Model the number sentence. 

Challenge - Ben has five coins in his pocket.

How much money might he have?

Making amounts using 1p’s, 2p’s and 5p’s.

How many ways can we pay for something that is 6p? Model writing these number sentences on the board.

Counting the value of coins in a piggy bank.

Model to children how we can count in 2’s and 5’s to help us to count.


Making amounts using 1p’s, 2p’s, 5ps and 10ps.

How can we make 15p? Remind children that we can count in 2s, 5s and 10s to help us.

Model recording this as a number sentence.

Big Maths Beat That       



Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs Inset Day 

Writing dinosaur names Can you write your dinosaur name?

e.g Benosaurus

Can you sort dinosaurs into colours and types? (herbivores and carnivores)

How many dinosaurs fit in your bucket? Can you give a good estimate?  PE - Gymnastics