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EYFS Remote Learning Timetable

Week beginning - 18.1.2021

Friday 22nd January 2021


Listen and sing along to phonics songs.

Phonics games/ resources –


Use phonics pack to recap sounds.


Can you write some tricky words?



Can you read the captions below? Segment and blend the sounds to read.

Can you practise your handwriting and write these in your neatest handwriting?


Phonics challenge - 

Can you write as many words beginning with the letter sound ‘r'?
Can you write as many words with the triagraph ‘ar'?


r ar




Read the story Rainbow Fish on your tablet or computer.


Recap the story rainbow fish- can you retell the story?


Discuss why the Rainbow fish was sad in the story? Was the rainbow fish a kind friend?

What can you do to be a kind friend?

Discuss and write sentence together into your book. Draw a picture of yoruself and your friends. 


Sentence example - e.g. I can help my friends.


Can you extend your sentence using the conjunction and? -e.g. I can share my toys and help my friends. 



Can you complete the Big Maths Beat That Challenge? 




Complete your reading eggs and maths seeds assignments. 

Maths Fluency






Complete your Music activities on your tablet at home.


PE - COSMIC YOGA (We're going on a bear hunt)


Mr Mac's PE Actitivies 


PE with Joe Wicks - Every morning at 9am



This weeks home learning paper pack. Each day will be added to the website daily for you to complete with support through the zoom lessons.

Week Commencing

Overview of Week

Activity 1


Activity 2


Activity 3


Activity 4


Activity 5




To write a sentence using adjectives and the connective 'and'.




Read the story – Rainbow Fish

Word Aware- “soft”

– mushy, squashy, dim low, faint, slushy, gentle, quiet weak

-easy to mould, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch.

"soft margarine"

-having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition.

"the soft glow of the lamps" 

Can you think of any words to describe soft?






Show your child the front cover of the text? What is the author’s name?

Read through the text Rainbow Fish.

Can your child describe the scales, what imaginative adjectives can they think of? 

Draw a picture of the rainbow fish and write a sentence with an adjective. (e.g.The fish is shiny.) Can you extend your sentence using the connective ‘and’?

Recap the story rainbow fish- can your child retell the story? 

If they could invent their own rainbow animal what would it be? E.g. a rainbow dog. Describe the animal to talk partner and share as a class- its features. What noise does it make? Where does it live? What rainbow colours does it have? Can you extend the sentence? (It is a rainbow dog and it has legs.)

e.g. It is a rainbow dog.

Recap the story of the Rainbow fish. 


Watch a video of how to look after a pet fish or talk about our pet fish.






If you were going to have a pet fish what would you need to look after it? 

(tank, food, water, net)



Draw a picture of a what you would need to get a fish. Draw the tank, some food, a net etc. 

Write a sentence underneath  – e.g. It is food. 

Can you extend your sentence by using the connective ‘and’? (e.g.It is food and a net.)

Discuss why the Rainbow

fish was sad in the story?

Was the rainbow fish a kind


What can you do to

be a kind friend?

Discuss and write sentence

together into your book.

Draw a picture of your

child and their friends. 

Sentence example - e.g. I can help my friends.








To know the position of numbers to 10 and their relationship to other numbers.

Recognise that a count starts with nothing (zero) and increases equally by one each time.


Look at the number cards from 0 to 10. Cut these out and make a tower of cubes to match the value on the card.


Order values in a linear way, noticing and comparing their positions to each other and key benchmarks.


Using the towers from yesterday, can you match the towers to a number line.

Practice the count – 1 more, 1 less.

Use the number line to order tens frame representations of the numbers 0-10. Like this:

Estimate relative position using benchmark numbers.

Have a blank number line and explain that this is going to become our number line from 0 to 10. Have zero (0), five (5) and ten (10) represented either as a dot pattern, Numicon© or a tower of cubes etc. Ask the children to place the representations on the blank number line where they thing they should go.

Can you complete a Big Maths Beat That Challenge?


















Maths Seeds 



Rainbow Fish  Can you create a fish using a paper plate or other materials that you have at home? Can you make a shiny scale like rainbow fish? 

Fingerprint rainbow fish 


Can you use some finger paints to make scales onto the rainbow fish? Or use pens and pencils to make scales onto a fish? How many colours are in a rainbow? Can you name them all? 

Bubble painting. 

Fish like to blow bubbles in the water. Fish need oxygen to survive. Fish get their own oxygen by floating to the surface and blowing bubbles.

Can you make a bubble picture using an old plastic bottle, paper cup or using a large bowl and a straw? 

Use the instructions on Thursday to make your own CD fish. 

PE - 9am Joe Wicks 



Music -




All about me! Music scheme