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Monday 6th September - Friday 10th September 2021


Listen and sing along to phonics songs.

Phonics games/ resources –


Use phonics pack to recap sounds.


Can you write some tricky words?









Week Commencing

Overview of Week

Activity 1


Activity 2



Activity 3


Activity 4


Activity 5


English All about me Can you practise write your name? Read your favourite story. Can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the story?Phonics - listen to phonics song. Read your favourite story. Can you draw a picture of your favourite character?Phonics - listen to phonics song. 
MathsAll about me Can you count to 10? Can you collect 10 objects from around your house? Can you go on a shape hunt around your house for simple shapes? 

Can you draw around your foot. Can you  use cubes to measure how long your foot is? Who has the biggest foot? Who has the smallest foot?

Can you create a simple pattern using some fruit? Can you find objects that sink or float? Which object is the heaviest? Which object is the lightest?   



All about me 

Can you draw a picture of your family. Can you write the names of your family members?

Can you draw a self portrait? Can you label the parts of your face? Can you take a picture of your favourite things? e.g. toys, food, clothes, etc

What can you tell me about flowers?

Can you draw a picture of your favourite flower?

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