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If your child is self isolating and not attending school please see the 'Coronavirus Home Learning' and select your child's year group for their home learning
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Week Commencing

Overview of Week

Activity 1

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Activity 5

English  Speech bubble writing 

Why do we write inside a speech bubble? To show who is speaking. Can you write inside a speech bubble for the big skeleton - What would he say? 

Can you make a story map of where the skeletons went on their journey? Can you label the pictures? 

Take a picture of a character or family member? Can you write a speech bubble for something that they could say?  

Can you retell the story using some puppets?  Reading Eggs 
Maths Subsitising

Counting songs


Counting to 10 - matching representations of the number.

Using play dough, they either create an impression of the value or copy the arrangement using balls of dough to repres

matching representations of the number.




Counting songs


Counting to 10 - matching representations of the number.

Using plying cards - Children choose a card and go outside and copy the pattern with natural objects, for example, pebbles or sticks.



Can you make a firework picture using 2D shapes? What shapes did you use? 

Counting songs


Counting to 10 and beyond.

Build three towers of three bricks using varied shapes and sizes (e.g. Lego® or wooden bricks) but with the same amount in each tower. The heights will vary so encourage the children to subitise the value and comment on the differences between the towers.

Maths Seeds 



Funny Bones 

Draw around somebody you know on a large piece of paper and label the different bones inside their body on it.

Explore how shadows are made? Could you draw the shadow of different skeletons?

Stick paper and / or white art straws onto a black background to make your own skeleton pictures.

Draw skeletons for different animals.

Music -

All about me! Music scheme

Funny Bones -