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If your child is self isolating and not attending school please see the 'Coronavirus Home Learning' and select your child's year group for their home learning
Coronavirus Home Learning


At the moment in English we are learning about writing instructions.


Something to write about: 


Follow the plans in the overview sheet on the previous page to find links to online lessons.


Books to read:

Anything you are excited by! I recommend Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and The Hobbit for great adventure stories.

Skellig and Stormbreaker are also great Year 6 standard reads.

Anything by Mallorie Blackman is usually suitable for Year 6; in particular Pig Heart Boy is a wonderful story.

Finally, Magnus Finn and the Selkie Secret is highly recommended.


Activities to complete: 

Grammar activities on BBC bitesize. Follow plans on weekly overview. 


Useful Websites:

Using a range of exciting images, each day the website is updated with a new image, new reading questions to answer, sentences to uplevel in specific ways and writing activities. Sometimes, the images also include a drawing prompt to encourage the children's artistic side.