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Reminder.. Yr 1, 2 & 3 can collect their belongings this Thursday 9th July between 3.30pm - 4pm in designated playgrounds. Thank you
Coronavirus Home Learning


At the moment in English we are learning about writing instructions.


Something to write about: 


Follow the plans in the overview sheet on the previous page to find links to online lessons.


Books to read:

Anything you are excited by! I recommend Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and The Hobbit for great adventure stories.

Skellig and Stormbreaker are also great Year 6 standard reads.

Anything by Mallorie Blackman is usually suitable for Year 6; in particular Pig Heart Boy is a wonderful story.

Finally, Magnus Finn and the Selkie Secret is highly recommended.


Activities to complete: 

Grammar activities on BBC bitesize. Follow plans on weekly overview. 


Useful Websites:

Using a range of exciting images, each day the website is updated with a new image, new reading questions to answer, sentences to uplevel in specific ways and writing activities. Sometimes, the images also include a drawing prompt to encourage the children's artistic side.