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Using the image from Pobble365

The children can write a story as this Polar Bear trying to look after her cubs.

Things to bear in mind (Pardon the pun!)

  • The affects of global warming on Polar Bears.
  • The ice is diminishing at a fast rate
  • Polar Bears are having to swim further and further to get to either a block of ice or land to feed and rest.
  • They are losing their food source (Think about the food chain of a Polar Bear)
  • They are therefore becoming emaciated.
  • Drowning from exhaustion.
  • The fear she must be have 
  •  Is she going to witness her cubs drown
  • Does she find somewhere to rest
  • What thoughts are going through her mind


As I shunted my babies and urged them to hurry up, I could see the fear in their eyes. Fear clung to their fur. Fear hung in the stagnant air. Even though I appeared calm and collected fear enveloped me. I was petrified they wouldn't be able to swim the long distance to land, which was so far way. As we arrived at the edge of the ice and prepared ourselves for the plunge into the ice cold water, I looked at them one last time to take in their beauty. I couldn't begin to imagine life without them. I was torn between staying where we were and moving on to find food. It was safe but we were becoming weak and hungry. We couldn't stay much longer. I carried Beu on my back because he was the weakest and definitely wouldn't make it. 

The clear water glistened in the sun, which pierced the surface lighting up the depths of the sea. Shadows loomed below and whales began their ascent, launching into the air to catch their breath, as if to say, its ok you can do this. 

What happens next?

First think about what may happen?

  • What they encounter?
  • What they can see? Hear? Smell?
  • How they feel?

Create a mind map of ideas and then continue the story using

  • Description of the setting as they look around them.
  • Description of the characters through their actions and how they behave?
  • Metaphors and personification
  •  Tension
  •  Variety in sentence lengths.
  •  Relative clauses
  •  Expanded noun phrases
  • Dialogue (remember the rules - New line new person, Capital letters start new speech, speech marks around the spoken words, punctuation in side the speech marks)


If writing the story is a challenge, the children can create a story board of what happens. word showering ideas and phrases in each box, slowly building up the story.


Books to read:

What a Waste.

Georges Cosmic Treasure Hunt


The Kid who came from Space

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth.

Complete Alien Rain


Activities to complete: 

Story about the polar bear's journey.

Other activities on the page, making the sentences better and creating a home for them, synonyms etc.


Useful Websites: 

WWF website about animals


National geogrphic

Any website which will aid in gathering information.