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Summer Term 2020

Week 1 - Vocabulary Building

Below is a list of the vocabulary you may come across during our topic of Africa this term. Can you create a glossary explaining the meaning of these new words. Think about which word category they fall into e.g. noun, adverb, adjective etc


Apartheid, Savannah, continent, habitat, incarcerate, acquit, treason, mainland, freedom, military, racial prejuidice, segregation, species, survival


Word hunts - look and listen for new vocabulary around you e.g. in conversation or in the books you are reading. Can you think of synonyms (same meaning) for the words  and also antonyms (opposites)

Spellings - this weeks focus is the -le or al endings. Rule - add al if you are adding a suffix onto a root word e.g. magic- magical and add -le if it is part of the word e.g. little, candle

Design a poster showing your understanding of this!


Here is a link to some talk for writing activities you may also be interested in;



Continue to use the list below. Butterfly Lion is a priority if not already read. Also you may want to begin reading travel brochures with Africa in them. Try online if you do not have any to hand. 


Useful Websites:

Spellings -


At the moment in English we would be revising our grammar and looking at instructional writing

Something to write about: 


1)Write a recipe for your favourite thing to bake. Remember to include what you will need, chronological instructions and some helpful hints.

2) Imagine you have hidden an Easter Egg somewhere in your house/garden. Draw a map with x marking the spot. Write a set of directions for your parents explaining how to find the ‘treasure.’ Watch Neil Gaiman’s instructions on you tube

3) Look out of your window. Draw what you can see and then use prepositional phrases like besides, infringement of, in the distance, to describe the view

4) Design an Easter card. Can you include an Easter poem inside? 

5)For grammar could you design a poster showing your understanding of the terms- adverb, pronoun, fronted adverbial and conjunction 

Non negotiable's - capital letters , full stops, question marks, finger spaces, conjunctions and fronted adverbials


Extra activity: Write a letter to an elderly family member who may be self isolating. I am sure they would love to hear how you are spending your time and what you are looking forward to. Remember your non negotiable's! Add time conjunctions and questions.


Books to read:

Please could children read or have listened to The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpugo as we will study this next term. Other essential reads will be  the White Giraffe and Journey to Jo’burg


Further suggestions:

Useful for story settings:

Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet

Children of Winter by Berlie Doherty

The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells

Useful for set in Africa:


Anna Hibiscus- Atinuke 

Mamo on the mountain by Jane and Lewis Kurtz E.B

Sophie the Albino Camel by Stephen Davies

Greek myths 

Diary entries  - diary of a whimpy kid, diary of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

Flat Stanley and The great Egyptian grave robbery by Jeff Brown

The Lion the witch and the wardrobe

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's stone




Activities to complete: 

For spellings this week please focus on doubling the consonant e.g run- running.

Try the activity on https://www.phonicsbloom.con


Have a look at the grammar year 4 end of term assessments on twinkl


Useful Websites: BBC bitesize, grammasaurus