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If your child is self isolating and not attending school please see the 'Coronavirus Home Learning' and select your child's year group for their home learning
Coronavirus Home Learning


At the moment in English we are focusing on building our vocabulary!


Something to write about: 

Pick a room in your house to write a setting description for. Describe what you can see, smell and hear. Up level your language using a Thesaurus. You must think about using expanded noun phrases and extending your sentences/ideas with conjunctions. For example, ' I can smell sweet cookies baking in the metal oven' can be transformed into... 'I can smell indulgent, crumbly cookies baking in the scorching oven while my fish swim elegantly around their glass kingdom '.   







Books to read:

Adventure/Action • The World According to Humphrey – Betty G Birney

Astrosaurs Series – Steve Cole • Harry the Poisonous Centipede – Lynne Reid Banks • The Invisible Boy – Trudy Ludwig



Useful Websites, BBC BITESIZE , Pobble 365,