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Reminder.. Yr 1, 2 & 3 can collect their belongings this Thursday 9th July between 3.30pm - 4pm in designated playgrounds. Thank you
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Overview of the week: This week our writing is going to be focussed on the video 'Embarked'.


Activity 1

Sequencing events

Watch the video 'Embarked'- 

Can you verbally retell the events that happen in the story? Write sentences to retell the events that happen in the story.

Keywords: First, next, then, after, later, early one morning, suddenly, finally.


Activity 2

Setting Description

Compare the two settings that are in the story (the countryside and the city).

Can you write some sentences to describe each of the settings?

Write sentences comparing the two settings e.g. In the peaceful countryside you will find...but in the crowded city, you will find...

Remember to include adjectives (describing words) in your sentences!


Activity 3 

Writing a diary entry

Imagine that you are Jimmy and think about how he felt during the different parts of the story.

Write a diary entry for the day that Jimmy left the countryside and moved to the city.


  • How Jimmy was feeling during the day
  • What Jimmy saw on his journey
  • How Jimmy felt when he saw the treehouse again
  •  Conjunctions: and, but, so, if, because, or


Activity 4

Writing explanation sentences

Design and label your own dream treehouse. Write some sentences explaining what needs to be included to create a successful treehouse and why you need those things.

Example- At the top of the magnificent treehouse, you need to include a strong, waterproof roof so that it stays dry.


Activity 5 


This week your spellings are:

  • Eleven 
  • Twelve
  • Thirteen 
  • Fourteen
  • Fifteen 
  • Sixteen 
  • Seventeen 
  • Eighteen 
  • Nineteen 
  • Twenty 


Can you put these words into sentences?



Books to read:

Monsters: An Owner's Guide - 


The Book With No Pictures- 



Useful Websites:






Prefixes and suffixes-