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If your child is self isolating and not attending school please see the 'Coronavirus Home Learning' and select your child's year group for their home learning
Coronavirus Home Learning


Children's spellings have dipped a little this term so therefore we will be going back over certain spelling rules that need reinforcing. Please practice your spellings at home!

In Literacy this term we will focus on;

Narrative poetry - linked to an Egyptian Pharoah

Explanations - describing the process of mummification and how to use a Shaduf

Reports - researching and producing fact files about the Nile and also news reports and a kidnap in Egypt

Traditional Tales and myths- we will focus on the Egyptian Myth - Rhodopis and the Pirates and then write our own myths


In Literacy this term we will:

Take one book– We will use ‘Michael Rosen poetry, focusing on the poem ‘Chocolate’. 

 Stories with a theme based on greed and linked to Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

 Discussion— children will have heated debates about Fairtrade.

 Explanation—we will link this to Science and children will explain how the digestive system works.

 Vocabulary building—building children’s understanding of new and trickier language.

The Year 4 reading spine is a set of books which we hope will challenge and inspire our children with a love of reading. Some of the books we will be reading in class and some the children are welcome to take home. We hope that by the end of the year every child in Year 4 would have been exposed to these fantastic reads.


Year 4 Reading Spine


Danny Champion of the world by Roald Dahl

The Very Best of Aesop's Fables Charlotte Voake

Jim and the Beanstalk Raymond Briggs

The Orchard Book of Greek Myths Geraldine McCaughrean

Greek Myths Marcia Williams

East of the Sun, West of the Moon Jackie Morris

The Ice Palace Robert Swindells

Bill's New Frock Anne Fine

Journey to Jo'Burg Beverley Naidoo

Carrie’s War Nina Bawden