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Forres Primary School

Reminder, Inset day this Friday 22nd November.

Digital Leaders Program

Here at Forres we pride ourselves in our digital literacy.


We know our children are experienced and accomplished users of technology both in and outside of school and have chosen to recognise and reward this interest and these skills by starting a Digital Leaders program.


The primary aim of our Digital Leaders program is to create an environment, both in school and at home where our children champion their digital literacy, their digital creativity and take pride and great care in their digital security and safety across all platforms, educational and otherwise.


In a world where our reliance on the digital world and everything it can offer is ever increasing, it’s vital that we remember that we need to use these technologies in the best possible ways and be safe and knowledgeable whilst we do it.


At the beginning of the Winter Term (January 2018) eight children will be appointed to the Digital Leaders Council. Two from each of our Year 6 classes (Canary Wharf & Westminster) and two from each of our Year 5 classes (Greenwich and Waterloo). Those children will work with Mr Hollis (Network Manager/Computing Lead) to raise the profile and importance of digital literacy and e-safety across the school. With those children working alongside him to assist every year group in growing their knowledge, understanding and comfort levels around technologies of all types.


The Digital Leaders Council will meet bi-weekly to discuss topics that we will agree upon as a group and the children will have the opportunity to present topics and issues that they feel are important them, to their year group and to the wider school. These meetings will be held with the constant focus of expanding our knowledge of digital literacy and all the things that come along with that.

As a council we will discuss new software and hardware in the computing world and how these could influence or assist the delivery of teaching in the school, we will talk about the impact of the existing software and hardware in school and take the children’s views on how they feel these could be better implemented within the school and within lessons.

The children will also be encouraged to visit the classes in the Key Stages and Year Groups below them to talk to the children about e-safety, their computing lessons and discuss any concern or worries the children may have that we can, as a team, address and do our best to rectify.