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The first of our stay and learn sessions begins this week, on Wednesday 16th October.


In Year 1, Computing is quite a difficult subject to describe as it is a collection of a number of different subjects, all focused with the idea of getting the children to better understand the technology in their classroom, their school and their world. We have looked at a number of different subjects since the start of the term, most of which are cross curricular.


These have included research, document creating, art on the laptops (using programs such as Paint) and looking at control devices. Modern Computing is all about being mobile and some of the devices we use to understand this is school are a great example of mobile pieces of technology. From the iPad to the BeeBot and the BlueBot, the children gain a massive understanding of what technology means at an early stage and begin to grasp what that technology means to them and how it works (both inside and out).


A few weeks ago, the children explored the BlueBot. BlueBots are small handheld devices we use at Forres to teach our children about compact technology and control devices. They are controlled using a simple set of buttons placed on the top of the device and can also be used in conjunction with an iPad or Smart Phone App. They are capable of following complex instructions and responding to the children using Haptics (Haptic feedback). They buzz, beep and light up in various different sequences to respond to the commands given, not only does it show the children that they are listening but it also gives them positive reinforcement for their actions. The children had great fun directing them around the room and talking about how they work, both inside the shell and out. It helps develop a far broader understanding of what a device is and what it can do and helps them realise that when they are using something at school or in the home, there is a lot more happening behind the scenes than just pressing a button on the TV remote!

BlueBots & Control Devices

BlueBots & Control Devices 1
BlueBots & Control Devices 2
BlueBots & Control Devices 3
BlueBots & Control Devices 4
BlueBots & Control Devices 5
BlueBots & Control Devices 6
BlueBots & Control Devices 7