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Forres Primary School

Please remember that Friday 26th October is an inset day.


In year 5, during the Autumn term, the children will be studying castles and knights. They will be looking and historical and geographical aspects of why, how and where castles were built and how knights used these castles. As part of the topic the children will get the opportunity to explore Mountfitchet Castle.. This will give them an insight to the places castles were built and how useful they were. In addition we will be using several different texts in our English lessons to coincide with this topic.


In RE the children will be focusing on the Kinder Transport and how it affected many children and their families. This links well with geography and looking at what Hoddesdon looked like during World War 2 and what it looks like now. In addition, there are links with history and the impact of the holocaust on communities and families. We will be having a guest from the local community come and talk to the children about Hoddesdon during World War 2.